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The Ultimate Worlds | May 21, 2018

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Test MacBook Air 2014 a Slight Gain in Power

Test MacBook Air 2014 a Slight Gain in Power
  • On May 21, 2014

Apple Inc. offered lower prices to its ultra portable and a small update processor side. Result, a great typewriter 2.0 even more attractive. We continue to plow on with unwavering consistency and application. If the MacBook Air is still not entitled to a Retina display, which would be more comfortable but also more power hungry. It’s entitled in 2014 to a new processor, more powerful 1.4 GHz against 1.3 GHz the previous model. Provided it is safe to save your battery as long as possible. After a few days in our hands and a few tests, Apple once again seems to have reached its goal to satisfy global user.

Configuration Reality: Apple MacBook Air 13-inch 256GB Core i5 1.4 GHz

The iPad mini and iPad Retina Air are twin brothers. The first designed for lovers of compactness, the second for those who enjoy a little more comfort. MacBook Air 11 -inch and 13 are in the same situation, with one difference: after attending the MacBook Retina display, it is difficult to rub retinas resolution which now seems a little low, especially on the 11-inch (1366×768 pixels), which will connect automatically to an external screen when at home or office. 13 inches is better off with 1440×900 pixels, but it is really looking forward to see the arrival of high definition slabs.

Performance slightly:

Anyway, the two formats MacBook Air offer very similar performance, with a slight advantage to 13 inches. A small handful of seconds of it, and there, nothing really significant.

The performance difference between the models in June 2013 and May 2014 is a little more significant. With testing tools such as Geekbench 2 thus shows a clear leap forward. The MacBook Air 13-inch 2014 displays a score of 7320 against 6762 for his counterpart 2013. Difference being mainly in the computing power related to the processor and memory performance, yet identical on paper. The minimal frequency gain ( and TurboBoost mode) therefore notes with this tool. But the difference in power also notes with tests under real conditions.
Thus, the 13-inch MacBook Air released this year is between 1.09 and 1.84 times faster than its predecessor as measured tasks. The lowest index applicable to the use of the Finder (Duplication and file transfers, file compression , etc. . ) And the highest on encoding video with Handbrake. The use of business applications, such as Photoshop, CineBench or Final Cut Pro is also more fluid and fast, at a ratio of 1.22. A better that will not mean we recommend the MacBook Air for work daily and intensively with these pro programs.

Typewriter 2.0 and Luxury:

Because, ultimately, the MacBook Air is and remains primarily a stunning ultraportable ergonomics and user comfort experienced. We entrust him without a shadow of an afterthought our word processing and other office tools to manage our mails, and our surf sessions on the Web. We will even use it for quick editing some photos and a possible amateur video editing with iMovie. This task will inevitably the breakdown and become noisy. It reached its limits here . In summary, two new-generation MacBook Air perfectly embody the typewriter 2.0, that of the early 21st century.


Rather lightweight and compact, the MacBook Air end to impress with their autonomy. The MacBook Air 11 -inch held 7:30 against just over 5:20 last year. But it is the 13 -inch MacBook Air took us round eyes, and start our test. He read in effect without weakening our HD file for reference … 1:30 p.m. ! 1:30 is more than what announces Apple and five times more than what we experienced last year. Yet autonomy 8:20 MacBook Air 13-inch 2013 was already exceptional.
The verdict:

11 or 13 inches, choose! In both cases , if one regrets the lack of Retina display, the MacBook Air 2014 is a great vintage. Not necessarily for its performance gains ( significant but not huge ), but rather for its incredible autonomy and ease of use always impeccable. Waiting to see what the Pro Area 3 were in the womb, the MacBook Air still a safe bet for those who like ultra portable design, efficient and durable . Even if we begin to dream of a modernized form factor, more compact, with a better screen and more powerful. Anyway, 100 euros less than its predecessor, hard not to love.