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The Ultimate Worlds | May 25, 2018

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Apple WWDC 2014: iPhone 6 or iWatch, What we would like to see

Apple WWDC 2014: iPhone 6 or iWatch, What we would like to see
  • On May 22, 2014

Tim Cook keynote open with a traditional Apple developers conference. If we are certain that Mac OS X and iOS have their moment of glory, new products may be advertised must now.

It was a false suspense and secret. But Apple has to formalize the fact that its Worldwide Developers Conference will open on June 2 well by a keynote. And also we will be there, live in San Francisco at 10am local time. This is traditionally one of the major events of the year for Apple, as the company presents its new operating systems and sometimes some new material. The opportunity may surprise us with new products that could be available immediately, as the MacBook Air last year, or a little later, as was the case in 2013 for the Mac Pro.

Mac OS X 10.10 to a new design:
Last year signaled the end of the names of cats and passing the famous sites of California – Mavericks is a spot known surfers. This year, Apple could give a little more importance to its operating system for Mac. In addition to news , which certainly enhance integration with iCloud and iOS ecosystem is a graphical redesign of the interface might know Mac OS. The flat design could therefore take his first steps on the Mac. The visual integration could also mean a revision of menus and preference panes. Jonathan Ive teams are in any case work on the subject and Mac OS X should not be abandoned this year.

iOS 8, ​​more cloud and health?
OS for mobile Apple , 2013 has been the year of the graphical overhaul . This year should see the rise of integration with iCloud and the arrival of new applications. Rumors suggested that Apple could well include a light version of TextEdit and Preview in iOS 8. But this new version could also mark the arrival of Apple in the field of e-health , with which the Cupertino flirting for a long time , with its partnerships with Nike, among others. In this case, it would not only monitor physical activity but to make iPhone and iPad centers monitor our health, our well-being. Thus, the principle of PassBook, Tim Cook teams could introduce healthbook and new sensors … sensors which could take place in the iWatch or future iPhone.

Healthbook the center of your digital health iOS. The iWatch, a preview?
Never Say nothing and Apple could surprise us , but it seems pretty unlikely that Apple’s smart watch is launched at the keynote on June 2. However, some arguments in favor of its announcement in June cast doubt or hope.
Indeed, smartwatch could be unveiled at WWDC to allow developers to spend the summer developing the first applications. In optics or healthbook be central in iOS 8, it would announce in addition to all the features of the new OS to be related to the use of the watch connected. The iWatch then arrive in the fall, as suggested indiscretions from Asia for a few months already.
The question of its functionality and its interaction with the iPhone and iPad is obviously full and responses to depend very much on the form factor that Apple has chosen. Depending on the screen size and embedded sensors, iWatch may be more or less independent of Apple smartphones. The big question and the big issue is of course its price and its autonomy.

Rather unlikely ( unfortunately) IPhone 6 in June
In this context, Apple would not technically need to unveil its iPhone 6 in June. Although we must admit that we have dreamed for a few weeks to the arrival of a model with a 4.7 -inch screen in June and an iPhone phablet, with a diagonal of more than 5 inches, which would announced and launched in October.
This would allow Apple to set up two appointments iPhone staggered in its annual schedule of product launches, a way to reconnect with the first iPhone launch …
Anyway, the latest information from Apple’s suppliers rather pointed in the direction of a launch at the end of the summer. Earlier than August, which would be surprising , and certainly enough in September.

IPad , large format!
iPad Pro, iPad XL or whatever its name, Apple prepare a large tablet screen, beyond the current 9.7 inches. IPad could be for both the mid to professional education.
It would in any case an appropriate response, if the position is sustainable, the Samsung tablets and Surface Pro 3, Microsoft has announced. It would also echo a new iOS feature 8 could introduce: the windowing. A long-awaited option that would display two applications on the iPad.
However, an iPad XL should fit in the Apple lineup, which already includes ultraportables and tablets. A problem that Microsoft has obviously not .
The iPad Pro is a reality or not, the other question is whether it deserves an independent event announcements from other iPad. The answer held in its position , so difficult to say.

A new Mac?
Among the ads that would be see there is that of a new MacBook. Laptop even thinner and lighter than the MacBook Air – fanless with a Retina display. It has been updated in the beginning of this month of May. A small update, accompanied by a decline in the price of 100 euros for the four models, which reinforces the positioning of the entry-level ultraportable Apple. There fingers crossed for a new range fits between the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro Retina, there is only one step. Certainly, it would complicate a little Apple offers, but seem relevant in hand under the absence of technological evolution of the slab MacBook Air, the only ones not to have Retina slab.