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The Ultimate Worlds | May 21, 2018

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How to force Google to delete your sensitive data

How to force Google to delete your sensitive data
Dr. Yehia Mechref

The judgment of the European Court of Justice also proposes high waves : search engines like Google need in certain cases to delete links to personal data . FOCUS Online explains all the important questions on the judgment and shows which rights you have now.

The judgment of the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg came as a surprise to many : EU citizens have a ” right to be forgotten ” on the Internet . Search engines may therefore in certain cases, to be obliged to delete links to sensitive personal data. Affected by the judge’s decision is mainly industry’s number one Google. Trigger for the drastic sentence was the action of the Spaniard Mario Costeja González . In 1998 he had been named by a newspaper in connection with a real estate attachment . Later, the newspaper was digitized , the information ended up in the net and was able to be found via Google. The man saw a reputation and went to court – with a successful outcome.

In the related press release, the Court is now reading : ” The operator of an Internet search engine when personal data that appear on websites published by third parties , responsible for the soundness of its processing. ” From then on, each user has in principle the right to delete unwanted links in its search results . FOCUS Online tells you how to do it and what references are affected.

Who is affected by the judgment ?

Basically all search engines are affected by the judgment of the European Court of Justice. The decision , however, is especially relevant for the giant Google . The company can now no longer so avoid responsibility that the search servers are located in the United States. Following the recent judgment it play no matter where the data centers of a company domiciled or where the data is processed.

Who is allowed to delete your search results?

Basically, each user may ask Google or other search engines to delete links to websites with personal information. First, you have to justify why the references are factually inaccurate or outdated. Since the announcement of the judgment concerned have already made ​​a number of requests to delete search results. Google will in each of the 28 EU member countries need to build a whole ” army of fighting experts ” suspects reported a person familiar with the matter in relation to the Reuters news agency.

But Google knows himself so far not quite know how to deal with the flood of requests. A generally applicable procedure should be available soon. Google have to get recover from this shock. “We are very surprised that the verdict is so different from the previous estimation of the Advocate General and its warnings and been showed consequences disregards We now need time to analyze the impact,” said a representative of the company.