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The Ultimate Worlds | May 21, 2018

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Wikileaks reveals that the NSA records all communications in Afghanistan

Wikileaks reveals that the NSA records all communications in Afghanistan
Desk Reporter

Now the whistleblower website has revealed that Afghanistan is the second country whose communications are fully heard by the NSA. Julian Assange in person justifies this choice challenged by Glenn Greenwald, a journalist who has recovered from Edward Snowden documents.

So is Afghanistan. For security reasons, the Washington Post and The Intercept had preferred to hide the name of the other countries whose communications are fully listened to and recorded by the NSA.
Faced with this self- censoring “at the request of the U.S. government,” according to Wikileaks, the site announced today that communicate the identity of the second country. This is done, by the hand of Julian Assange, since this morning.

Wikileaks shows not want to give the source of this revelation, to protect it . If it is true that Wikileaks advance their contact must have had access to documents delivered by Edward Snowden and they are not legion have had hands the valuable information.

“We can not be complicit in this censorship!”
Assange, who has made a specialty of the release of secret documents, then engaged in an argument to justify his choice. In a statement, he says the article in The Intercept, which explains not give the name of the second country because its journalists fear that this could lead to “outbreak of violence” does not hold. Wikileaks founder said that his site has “years of experience in dealing with misleading statements and exaggerated” state.
It also states “to date, we are not aware of any evidence provided by a government agency that one of our eight million publications have caused harm to anyone’s life.”

Wikileaks thus chooses the card total transparency. “We can not be complicit in this censorship,” said a spokesman for the site on his Twitter account.

Apart from the Bahamas and Afghanistan, three other countries are subject to Mystic program. But for the latter, only telephone metadata (number of calls, duration, name of the caller, the called…) are collected.

This eternal debate between full transparency advocated by Wikileaks and partial truth claimed by some newspapers for security reasons still beautiful days ahead.