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The Ultimate Worlds | May 21, 2018

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Japan, the first country to advertise on the moon?

Japan, the first country to advertise on the moon?
Romano Abraham

The Japanese company Otsuka, manufacturer of the drink Pocari Sweat, expects to be the first in the world to send a product out of our planet.

Otsuka, a Japanese firm that sells its energy drink Pocari Sweat throughout Asia, has launched a crazy challenge: to be the first in the world to send one of its products on the surface of the Moon for advertising purposes. Leveraging a unique colonization next satellite of our planet, this company provides for deposit of a can of drink soon, in October 2015. Idea has something to smile but the company seems to this challenge very seriously, as she explains on its website.

The project, called Lunar Dream, is to load a titanium case with a kilo of powder sachets of the drink in a capsule. It would be propelled to the Moon (a travel a distance of 380,000 km) aboard a Falcon 9 rocket, owned by U.S. company SpaceX, which has already successfully launched including three resupply missions to the International Space Station international.

Thus, future and hypothetical lunar colonists could consume drinks reconstituted from powder in question. Confident, Otsuka announced already that Pocari Sweat is the first lunar water to drink in the universe. Just that.

LUNAR X, To achieve its incredible challenge, Otsuka has offered the services of an American company based in Pittsburgh, Astrobotic Technology, ironically, specializes in the development of techniques to clean the space.

Through this association, start- up hopes to win the reward of $ 20 million put into play by Google as part of the Lunar X Prize competition. The goal is to send to the moon a device capable of traveling 500 meters to the surface and transmit to Earth pictures and videos taken on the spot. The cost of this trip is estimated at $500,000, a price that the Japanese company seems willing to pay . A partnership that will benefit both parties.
A controversial project
Behind the feat, one may wonder about this incredible marketing coup… The Moon as a new advertising medium, there is what wince! In an attempt to make the project more acceptable Lunar Dream, Otsuka announced that the can also contain silver discs on which would be engraved messages (or “dreams” according to the company) sent via smartphone… One small step for Man but a giant leap for advertising?