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The Ultimate Worlds | May 21, 2018

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Closed over 176 factories by accident 2013: Bangladesh

Closed over 176 factories by accident 2013: Bangladesh
Dr. Yehia Mechref

The association of garment manufacturers and exporters of Bangladesh – Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters the Association (BGMEA) – has confirmed that produced over 176 factories that clothing in Bangladesh, after the Rana Plaza accident were closed in April 2013. Shahidullah Azim, vice president of BGMEA, called problems with compliance, audits by international clients, demands for higher wages and political interference as reasons for the closures, the Financial Express.

Azim¬†added that many customers ” no longer awarded contracts to companies that in multi-use or rented buildings ” were housed , and that some owners had their factories closed voluntarily because they could not afford to operate longer.

Enforced closures after inspections
Inspections are being conducted on behalf of the Agreement for fire protection and building security in Bangladesh and the Alliance for Worker Safety in Bangladesh in factories that make clothing for their members. There were up to now eight closures as a direct result of these inspections , but both the BGMEA and the Konstrollinstanzen expect that this number will increase.

The main objective of the BGMEA is to establish a healthy working climate between manufacturers, exporters and importers and the same time, a steady growth of the country by income from foreign exchange transactions .

India has suffered in its long production sector , mainly by a lack of transparency in terms of workflows and approvals. While there is an excess supply of affordable labor , they are rarely trained. In addition, there are strict labor laws . A lack of infrastructure means that energy , transport and logistics are not freely available.