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The Ultimate Worlds | May 21, 2018

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Exports shrink less quickly

Dr. Yehia Mechref

SCO, The Swiss textile industry has not come in the past year right on the spot . The added value shrank by 2% to 1.07 billion francs positive evaluated Textile Federation at the presentation of the annual results , however, the fact that exports of textiles ( 0.2% ) no longer shrank and apparel exports worth at least something moderately less rapidly decreased (-1.8 %) than in previous years . In total, around 2,600 companies goods for $ 2.83 billion sold abroad , almost 1% less than in 2012.

Among the customers of Swiss textile products, the EU with a share of 73 % of the most important trading partner in Asia (12%) and South and North America ( 7%). For almost positive result according contributed to the Association’s so-called in special fabrics and carpets. The export of clothing also includes so-called re- exports , ie goods that experienced in Switzerland no increase in value , but are still transported abroad. The numbers of such trading companies resulted in some large fluctuations , writes the Association in its annual report . Capacity utilization in the textile industry recovered at a low level , the order backlog rose towards the end of 2013.

The most important country that provides clothing, China in 2013 to 7.5% again grown , two digits were growing imports from Bangladesh , Romania , Vietnam and Tunisia. Moderately shrunk values ​​, however, are the supplies from Germany and France.

The Director of the Textile Federation , Peter Flückiger, stressed to the media in Sennhof at Winterthur, the Swiss producers due to the improving economic situation tends to ” cautiously optimistic ” are for the current year . But he warned that initiatives such as the minimum wage initiative jeopardize the production site in Switzerland . The coming into force on July 1, FTA with China sees the industry as an opportunity.