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The Ultimate Worlds | May 21, 2018

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Japanese Government Increased Postdoctoral Employment Support

Japanese Government Increased Postdoctoral Employment Support
Staff Reporter

The government of Japan plans to have a study without the post of Assistant Professor and also postdoctoral “post-doctoral (post-doc)” is to encourage national universities in Japan. So as to put them in a regular job.

This is because the researchers can not be obtained a job stable, the more foundation of research and development could fluctuation. It is thought that in response to the performance of the “post-doctoral Measures”, with a difference in (subsidies for operating expenses) budget to distribute to the university, to enhance the effect of the measures.

It’s intention to reflect on “(basic policy of economic and fiscal management) large-boned policy” of government, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and the Ministry of the Ministry of Finance to adjust, put together in late June, many japanies want to also conducted in 2015. In order post-doctoral fellows to make put in research positions of legitimate and off campus, to strengthen increasing the post of young for (A) campus to the National University (B) industry-university cooperation, so that put a job that is stable, including the company – anyone may seek such thing. There is also a voice allocation (about 1.1 trillion yen) subsidies for operating expenses of the national universities in Japan and are rigid, it’s direction to review the allocation based on the results of the “Measures” .

Since 1991, population has increased 98650 to 255 386. People in 13 fiscal year graduate student, researcher adoption does not spread, 6274 people in 1996 has increased to 17,116 people in 2009 postdoctoral fellow.