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The Ultimate Worlds | May 21, 2018

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Feared disaster in Bangladesh: Hundreds killed in ferry disaster

Feared disaster in Bangladesh: Hundreds killed in ferry disaster
Dr. Yehia Mechref

Hundreds of people have a ferry that runs through central Bangladesh on board – far too many. As a storm breaks out, it leads to disaster. The boat capsizes and sinks, 22 dead have been recovered.

A ferry with hundreds of people on board has sunk in the center of Bangladesh. So far had been recovered 22 dead, hundreds of people were still missing, said police and government officials. It was not clear at first how many people there w

ere exactly on the overloaded ship when it ran into a storm.

There is conflicting data on the number of passengers, said a representative of the authorities of the district of Munshiganj. “The number could be between 200 and 350.” The ferry was on its way from the capital Dhaka in the south district Shariatpur when she capsized in the Meghna River and sank. The accident occurred 50 km away from Dhaka.

Ferry completely under water

The local police chief Ferdous Ahmed said among the previously recovered six victims were women and children. The ferry was “completely under water”, currently trying helper to locate them. A rescue boat and divers of the firefighters were dispatched to the scene of the accident from Dhaka.

In Bangladesh, located in a vast river delta, including ferries to the main means of transportation. It often occurs in the desperately poor, densely populated country to major maritime accidents because nobody stops the safety rules or much more passengers be included as permissible. In the early summer months, Bangladesh is also often covered by storms – usually harbingers of the beginning of June beginning rainy season.