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The Ultimate Worlds | May 25, 2018

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Apple WWDC: latest rumors before the keynote June 2

Apple WWDC: latest rumors before the keynote June 2
Zayed Ibn Fazal

In a handful of days one of the largest Apple events, a small round leaves latest rumors glimpse not only software but also new product announcements. Overview of what is expected from Apple.

A J- 3, the Moscone Center is the Apple colors, ready to open keynote developer conference 2014 appointments angular Apple universe. So, next Monday , June 2, 2014, Tim Cook will take the stage or leave the limelight to Siri, once again, to celebrate those who are a big part of Apple’s success.
There will be numbers of course updated such as the number of active iTunes account, Apple’s real gold mine. There will also require software conference, announcements regarding Mac OS X, iOS and new applications. But WWDC is also an opportunity for Apple to announce and launch new products. This was the case of the Mac Pro last year.
It is time to take stock of the latest rumors and indiscretions:

Automation Apple:
Earlier this week, the Financial Times revealed that Apple could use WWDC to engage in home automation. The iPhone would become the key to your home and your connected home system. Throughout the week, the information is it seems as specified. This war effort could take a form similar to that called Made for iPhone, which allows manufacturers to produce compatible products for the Apple smartphone. Home automation, according to Tim Cook and take the form of a certification program initially at least and could include voice recognition capabilities, but nevertheless require dedicated applications for each device, with which the iPhone communicate via Wi- Fi or Bluetooth.
8 iOS and Mac OS X 10.10:

But this year could book the big news on both fronts. On the mobile, iOS introduce healthbook 8. This application would act as the center of your health information, which would come from information entered by you but also new sensors integrated into the iWatch?

With the iPhone 6?
In addition to home automation functions, iOS 8 could strengthen the link with iCloud and introduce new applications such as TextEdit and Preview. iTunes Radio could also benefit from its own application in order to have better visibility… How the music streaming service Beats could influence the future of this function remains to be defined.

Siri could also become smarter by getting into bed with Shazam to identify songs you hear on the radio. The windowing iPad could also happen with iOS 8, ​​even if the New York Times reported that since this function may not be revealed next Monday.
Finally, plans could introduce data traffic of public transport. The question now is whether Apple teams believe that this addition is ready. It seems hard to imagine a second fiasco mapping application. The new Mac OS X in turn would initiate a graph change at least as important as the strong contribution iOS 7. Therefore design flat happen on our Mac. Siri could also get to accompany you both smartphone on your Mac.
iMac, MacBook Pro, Mac mini and MacBook “Air”?
The rumor on the web that Apple may be preparing to launch an updated version of its cheaper all-in- one. It is in any case suggested that a note from analyst Ming- Chi Kuo, KGI.
The iMac which is a bestseller of the company at the apple approach, it is true, logic refresh period. The previous model was released in September 2013. It is therefore rather in the lower range for the past between two time updates, but it is quite possible. In addition, Apple has recently released the MacBook Air a bit more powerful and 100 euros cheaper.

So amusing, Jim Dalrymple of The Loop blog generally very well informed has cracked a response to this rumor in one word: ” Nope. ” Could hardly be more explicit. It will wait until Monday to find out which of the two men is better informed.