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The Ultimate Worlds | May 21, 2018

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Samsung puts a foot in the e-health before Apple

Samsung puts a foot in the e-health before Apple
Zayed Ibn Fazal

The Korean giant grilled politeness to Apple. He presented the first fruits of its digital platform dedicated to health, Simband. It works with a storage system in the cloud, but is not yet fully completed.

Steal the show. This is how we could see the announcement by Samsung, May 28, 2014. Korean company has unveiled its digital platform dedicated to health, which uses sensors to monitor various bodily functions. Or how the Korean giant grid priority to Apple. Indeed, on June 2, the U.S. company would reveal healthbook his application to manage your e-health and medical data.
The platform presented in San Francisco, is named Simband and work in tandem with a system of secure data storage line SAMI calling for Samsung Architecture for Multimodal Interaction. This system which was developed in partnership with academics will store the physiological information captured by compatible devices. From SAMI, ” developers can access data and leverage it to create entirely new applications,”says Samsung, which ensures that SAMI will be the” first platform of its kind really secure open diverse.”

Samsung has used an electronic bracelet design near peripheral Gear- incorporating a Cortex -A7 chip dual core clocked at 1 GHz and a battery and many sensors- to demonstrate the potential uses of this duo. It has shown how such a device could allow to measure cardiac or respiratory rate, blood, and how data from different sources could be collected to help consumers to better monitor their health.
“Our bodies have always had something to say, but with sensors, algorithms and advanced software, we will finally be able to listen to what they tell us,” said Michael Blum, an official of the University of California at San Francisco, said in a statement from Samsung.
However, the APIs necessary for the proper functioning of this tool will not be available for several months and sensors and batteries for measuring biometric data must still be finalized. Samsung has a long way to go, but he obviously wanted to get under way before Apple.