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The Ultimate Worlds | May 21, 2018

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Iranian hackers use fake website information to spy

Iranian hackers use fake website information to spy
Zayed Ibn Fazal

A group of Iranian cyber spy managed to trap 2,000 people including U.S. and Israeli military through a fake website information.

Iranian cyber- spies have used for three years a fake news site to contact military targets in the United States and Israel and hack their personal accounts on social networks, according to a report released Thursday.
The report of the company cyber security iSight Partners, obtained by AFP, reveals that 2,000 people have been trapped by a group of cyber- spies, hidden behind the false information site.
The operation seems to have been ” orchestrated by Iran ,” but not enough information to back up its main instigator, the report said. According iSight , the site resumed articles and newspapers authentic production, including the BBC and news agencies Associated Press and Reuters. The identities of some journalists including Fox News and Reuters have also been usurped.
The cyber- spies used their quality fake journalists to get in touch with people related to the defense sector. They then hijacked their personal accounts on Twitter, Facebook and other social networks, recovering passing their passwords and IDs.