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The Ultimate Worlds | June 22, 2018

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Medion S9714 Lifetab tablet test review: The finest models in the overview

Medion S9714 Lifetab tablet test review: The finest models in the overview
Romano Abraham

Review Overview



Google, Microsoft, Apple and Amazon have new tablet PCs in the program. How good are the flasks and what are good cheap tablet for around 100 euros? Here you can find the tablet test of Ultimate Worlds.

Tablet PCs: A question of the system

Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple and Vodafone want to the leather – and demand more testing of new tablet The Ultimate Worlds almost out. The Amazon Kindle HD is favorable, but intended primarily for shopping and reading. Anyone with a tablet sometimes wants to do office work similarly comfortable as the PC should look at the new, but still expensive Windows tablets. The problem here: the range of apps is not yet lean. Similarly expensive, but high quality and without end comes with Apps Apple’s iPad family. Better value for money, the new Android devices, including the Nexus Tablets by Google.

What is a Tablet PC?

Tablets are flat portable computers that you operate by touch screen. They are ideal for surfing the Internet or to look at photos. The functionality can be extended with many, some free programs (apps). For typing texts but only a virtual on-screen keyboard is mostly used – for prolific writer cumbersome. Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS are the most common operating systems.


Although processing, display, endurance and speed of the fourth iPads totally convincing, a Medion tablet and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1N jump ahead. While processing and display can not compete with Apple, but thanks to a comprehensive facilities, Apple has to admit defeat. Just a touch behind the iPhone 4, the RT VivoTab placed from Asus with Windows RT. 5th place goes to the new Pixel King Google Nexus 10, followed by the Microsoft Surface Tablet RT. For Apple iPad mini space remains in this test environment 10 It follows a Preisknaller: The Acer Iconia B1 only costs around 120 euros and saunter up to 11 Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet consumer HD lands at No. 13 because of its restrictions In the overview, you can also find many devices (iPad 2, iPad 3, 7 Nexus, Galaxy Note 10.1 …) were measured in the meantime updated test criteria.

Medion S9714 Lifetab:

For 399 euro’s with the Lifetab S9714 (MD99300) Medion of a good Android tablet with rich content including UMTS for surfing the mobile network. This is a simple to use – a clear best buy not only for the gift table at Christmas!

Design: 3.5 / 5; Handling: 4/5, value: 2.5 / 5; lifestyle factor: 2.5 / 5

Review of Medion S9714 Lifetab:

Test score: 2.33 (good)

+ Fast browser
+ Games smoothly
+ Many ports and wireless options
+ Plays many formats
Included + HDMI Cable
+ Scratch resistant display and housing
Not anti-reflective display –
+ Pale colors
+Slightly weak stamina
+ Long charging time

The processor is one of the most important components of a tablet PC. It ensures that apps launch quickly and the unit will operate smoothly. There are models with one, two and four cores. With multiple cores does not necessarily make a tablet PC faster. Other factors, such as the memory, contribute to the overall performance. In the middle class are dual-core processors, so-called dual-core chips become standard. They provide plenty of power for many applications. Quad-core processors, such as Nvidia’s Tegra 3, play of their reserves in complex (game) apps.

Screen size and resolution

Many tablets have a screen size of ten inches (about 25 centimeters) and a resolution of 1280×800 pixels. Sufficient for most websites and reading of texts. seven-inch devices are handy, but offer apart from Nexus 7 (1280×800) only 800×480 or 800×600 pixels, 1024×600 rare. Many websites can not be thus present in its entire width. You have the picture back and forth. The iPad mini is 1024×768 pixels – the next generation of the Apple community expects more. Outstanding enormous pixel density of the iPad is large: 2048×1536 pixels with 9.7-inch screen make individual pixels visible only with a magnifying glass. More offers only Google’s Nexus 10 (2560×1600).

Image Quality:

All the tested tablets have glossy screens, as interfere with other light sources easily. Some displays are extremely dependent on the viewing angle: For oblique perspective fade the colors and the image is darker. The test showed that this effect was especially noticeable in the devices from Acer and Archos. The best image quality obtained the tablets from Apple and Samsung.

Tablets under 200 euros:

Cheap entry-level models with seven or eight inches large display are already available for 100 euros. Many candidates work with Android 4.0. Compared to the more expensive tablets you have to compromise on speed, memory, and processing equipment. Coby saves on the Google Certification and thus forgoes access to the Android Google Play Store. Through various adjustments also curtails the Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7 with functions that come as standard with most tablets. The best devices tested under 200 euros are the Odys Xpress Pro and 5080 Pro Multi Function Prestigious  Both get (according to the test criteria to November 2012), the Test score 2.89 (“satisfactory”).