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The Ultimate Worlds | May 21, 2018

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Chrome 26 new Google- browser reveals function of custom dictionaries

Chrome 26 new Google- browser reveals function of custom dictionaries
Romano Abraham

Google gives another version of the fast browser out: Chrome 26 PC users get spelling corrections from the cloud, Android users are happy about password synchronization.

About six weeks after Google Chrome 25 is planned as the final version 26 download. This “correct” communication to the developers was probably at heart. Added not only new standard dictionaries for Korean or Albanian, but also the function of custom dictionaries on different devices are in fact to keep in sync. Prerequisite: You must have the Google Chrome Sync service activated. To view or edit your personal dictionary, type chrome :/ / settings / editDictionary in the address bar of the browser.

Correctly Write-

In addition, the developers screw the technique for spell checking in the browser, which is also used for web search application. Activate the function, the browser sends the text to check on a Google server. The makers promise not only to pay attention to correct spelling, but to also keep grammar and homonyms (ambiguous terms) in the eye. Downside: The correction mode only works for single words, not phrases. The feature is available in English. Support for more languages​​, Google has promised.

Full set to touch-
The user interface has received a new coat of paint: Instead shine in musty gray menu and context menu in brilliant white. The developers have increased the distances between the entries several times. Users with the touch screen would be so much easier to operate Chrome. Users without touch matte screen are far less pleased: On small screens, the new menu will fill the entire screen. In operation with the mouse outweigh the disadvantages. In addition to several other new features for developers, there is now the option to create shortcuts on the desktop to multiple Chrome profiles.

Tempo Check: Google Chrome 26-
In terms of speed, the new Chrome browser capable of breaking any new records. But the new version is still not slow: In COMPUTER BILD test no other browser can match. Compared to the previous Chrome turns on properly in the SunSpider benchmark, with all other benchmarks stagnating New accustomed to a high level.

Chrome for Android-
Also, the Android version of Chrome is not empty. Thus the mobile version finally synchronized passwords and autofill entries. The latter is form data such as address or credit card information that you enter on a regular basis. Once you have this information stored in Chrome, it saves – especially on the phone – typing. The synchronization works only with devices running Chrome 26 or higher installed. The data compression function à la Opera Mini from the test phase users still need to wait. Obviously, there were a number of problems, so the function in the final version is not found.

In terms of browser security shall, after Google. Eleven vulnerabilities include the developers in the latest version of Chrome, two of which were classified as “critical”. About errors in the program code, it was possible to inject malicious programs on the PC and run at least in the secure sandbox mode of the browser. Compared to previous versions this time Google is favorable it. Only 1,000 U.S. dollars, the company pays for the detection of a gap.