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The Ultimate Worlds | May 21, 2018

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New WLAN wireless router tested with 450 Mbps

New WLAN wireless router tested with 450 Mbps
Romano Abraham

Fast 450-Mbps WLAN: The tested routers transmit data at up to 450 Mbps in theory – which is the highest speed class available today. They combine signals from up to three antennas.
Less interference: in cities not disrupt radio signals from neighboring routers almost every WLAN. Therefore, all of the tested routers dominate in addition to the standard almost uninterrupted five-gigahertz frequency. Media server for movies & Co.: Router with USB port can deliver music, photos and movies to other computers, televisions, smart phones or Internet radio on your home network.

Child protection functions: limit by the router surfing time for children. This works not only for PCs but also for wireless Internet access via smartphone, iPod touch, game console.

Are the new faster router?

Yes! The stated 450 Mbps may be only a theoretical value, but the Netgear router in the test managed by a wall section in a data rate of over 120 Mbps (equivalent to 120:8 = 15 megabytes per second) – a third more than the current best router that FritzBox 7390, which was mitgetestet for comparison. The top speed of the PC also needs the 450-Mbps WLAN technology. Many more expensive laptops they have on board, otherwise they can be retrofitted with a USB stick, for example with the Trendnet TEW684UB.

How do I get to the routers on the Internet?

Unlike the AVM FritzBox 7390 none of the new turbo-router has a built in modem. Cable TV subscribers connect to the new router to existing cable modem. DSL users connect it to the old DSL router. The “worse-Fi” at the old router is switched off.

Review: AVM FritzBox 7390
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Replaces a router security software?

Ideally, the router takes the antivirus protection, so not only PCs but also smartphones or tablets come in the WLAN to the Internet safely. In practice, the firewall of the router but at best protects against inbound attacks. Therefore, each device needs on the home network security software. Asus, Netgear and Sitecom promise protection from fraudulent phishing sites, but in the test the filter was found to be incomplete. The router Sitecom blocked Although some fraudulent sites and viruses – but only if the pests come from the browser on the PC. Viruses that want to board an e-mail attachment or a USB key the computer does not check the router.

WPS – Attention, vulnerability!

Via software to elicit the Netgear WNDR 4500 his wireless password. Are also at risk current Speedport router Telekom (not tested). The gateway represents the WPS PIN method for the wireless setup represents Ultimate Worlds recommends WPS off after use. Good: AVM Sitecom router and do it automatically.

Summery view:

Would-be winner: The Netgear WNDR radioed 4500 the fastest – as he slips up at security, the Asus RT-N66U won with a good Wi-Fi range. But as simple as the AVM Fritz box no device is to use. Major security hole in many wireless routers