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The Ultimate Worlds | May 25, 2018

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Samsung’s Super Phone Galaxy S4 Android 4.3 New Firmware in Preparation

Samsung’s Super Phone Galaxy S4 Android 4.3 New Firmware in Preparation

Samsung_Galaxy_S4_MobilesPioneer Samsung’s Super Phone Galaxy S4 Android 4.3 is a five-inch Full-HD display, Power CPU, a lot of new features: The Samsung Galaxy S 4 is currently most sold the best smartphone in the world ever. Here you will find all the facts, test results, images on your S4.

New firmware Android 4.3 in preparation:
The update to Android 4.3 for the Samsung Galaxy S4 is in preparation, with a publication is expected in autumn 2013. In recent days, a pre-release version of Android 4.3 for the S4 is leaked on the Internet, which is to come quite close to the final version.

Samsung Galaxy S4 best  Smartphone with guaranteed success:
Galaxy S, Galaxy S2 and Galaxy S3 were or are top seller, and the only real competition for Apple’s iPhone. Now Samsung Galaxy S4 attaches to the front again. After the presentation on 15 March in New York, the S4 is in this country since the 27th April 2013 available. The following test shows the strengths and weaknesses of the smartphone race cars.

New for the Samsung Galaxy S4:
J.K. Shin, head of the division of the phone company, said that the Galaxy S4 with “LTE-Advanced 4G”. Accordingly, Samsung plans to release the high-speed S4 later this month, first in South Korea. Run parallel discussions with providers in other countries that could offer the S4 LTE-Advanced 4G in conjunction with matching mobile phone contracts. The smartphone is transmitted compared to the “normal” S4 data twice as fast. Further technical details are not yet available.

Smart Design feature which Larger screen but smaller than a S3:
The new flagship of the Galaxy series has become thin: 7.9 mm measures the S4 weighs 130 grams and also the edge of the case to the screen is now smaller – so Samsung implemented a larger display, even if the dimensions of the previous offer. When housing has done optically down to little bevels: Plastic continues to dominate, this time with a subtle textured pattern in black or white. Those who do not look closely, you can hardly distinguish the S4 from S3. Typical of the great Galaxy family.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Super Sellers:
The Galaxy S4 is a success message. In the first two months, Samsung has brought 20 million devices to the people. This is how well previously no smartphone, Samsung has sold.

Review Overview

Five-inch Full-HD display
Power CPU
Android OS
Phone Case

Excellent Outlook. Best smart phone ever.