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The Ultimate Worlds | May 21, 2018

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Do you find the Earth secondly

Do you find the Earth secondly
Dr. Yehia Mechref

It has an orbit away moderately from the star, “(habitable zone, life habitable area) habitable zone” in the likely and water temperature suitable for the birth of life, planet of three Earth-like discovery was.

Planet some 1200 light-years away in the direction of “The child and” from the earth to the “Kepler 62” stellar system as “62e” and “62f”, further extrasolar planetary exploration spacecraft, Kepler Space Telescope was discovered, “foil and a three bracts some 2700 light-years away in the bow seat “direction” Kepler 69 “star system” 69c “planet.

The size of 1.4 times the earth “62f” is a 267 day period of revolution of which, it is made of rock and earth most size Among exoplanet in habitable zones previously known It was close to.

The 122 days revolves inside of the track and “62f”, a size of about 1.6 times that of the earth, “62e” is composed of rocks “62f” as well.

“69c” is unknown in the size of 1.7 times of the earth, why they are configured, but the 242 days, period of revolution was close to (about 224 day orbital period) Venus in the solar system.

The discovery of these “planet rock” in the habitable zone, there is a possibility that water to nurture life as the earth exists.

The planetary system Gliese 581, the planet the presence of water is almost certain (Gliese 581c) has been found in practice, confirmation of water by a detailed investigation in the future is expected.

Kepler space telescope
Was launched in March 2009, spacecraft 10 th discovery plan.
Cooled CCD of 1024 × 2200 elements using 42 pieces of the focal plane, is performed for the star of 150,000 or more observation of the change in brightness when a planet crosses in front of the star, and a distance of about 20.5 light-years so far If you are finding extrasolar planet a total of 2740 individual stellar system and “Gliese 581” a distance of about 36 light-years, such as “HD85512”, it is to confirm the planet out of 122 pieces.
In addition, since instead of the orbit to orbit the Earth, and have been put into solar orbit, such as chase after the earth around the sun, to avoid as much as possible the effects of sunlight, Kepler face the only direction of Cygnus We have been observed in this way.
Even though it was discovered extrasolar planets many in a short period of time is one in which a noteworthy.