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The Ultimate Worlds | May 21, 2018

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Why car companies to invest in IT Venture

Why car companies to invest in IT Venture
Dr. Yehia Mechref

Enhanced investment in start-up companies in the U.S. Silicon Valley.

To obtain the technology and ideas that could dramatically change the auto industry, Ford Motor and (GM) is to strengthen the partnership and investment in start-up companies in the U.S. Silicon Valley General Motors – Detroit the 20th (Reuters) . It’s automotive industry was reluctant to the introduction of technology and ideas that external has developed so far, we have been the introduction of IT technology all together in recent years.

GM has launched a venture capital in 2010. It is with a view that not only invested in various fields such as alternative fuels or new material, it becomes first customer owned business.

On the other hand, Ford, closed 10 years ago, the venture capital arm that was invested in IT-related companies and Sirius satellite radio. In order to provide a “car experience for next-generation consumer is taken up” by placing the emphasis on alliances with other companies, it is focused on introduction of technology now.

There is no venture capital operations to the company, but Bill Ford chairman holds the venture capital firm Fonti Naris called Partners (Fontinalis Partners). Fonti Naris is that it is focused on investments in “transportation technology of the future,” former executive of Ford, Mark Schultz is operated.

You are Ford want to maintain a relationship with a moderate sense of distance and Fonti Naris, and never to revive the company venture fund.

The introduction of IT technology auto sector, added to the car and Apps communication function, such as smart phones (feature phones) “Connected Car” is the one case. In addition, the automotive industry of about five years usually are becoming aware that advanced technology and consumer preferences that change rapidly in recent months unit cycle of design and development of new products.

In addition to performance deterioration of Ford and GM bankruptcy four years ago, strong electric car manufacturer, Tesla has also boosted the IT technology introduction in the automotive industry.

The creation of GM Ventures, by to get out of Detroit, surrounded by four walls, to get a good idea from other regions and countries, Steve Gasuki vice-president of GM’s, to outsource the research and development department I point out to those, such.

Sakti3 and next-generation battery and San logics of solar power, the GM venture capital is an investor in start-up of nearly 20 so far.

Because John Raukuna said chief technology officer and president of GM Ventures is “(in GM vehicles) and have invested in can be introduced technology normal”, and investment funds do not stand only three years from opening, it has invested so far to mention technology on whether the use of the product I was too early.

However, power mat wireless charging technology, mounted on GM vehicles a smartphone for wireless charger from 2014.

The past few years, Ford has become more cautious about the technology partnership. Set against the backdrop that the technical problem-vehicle telematics system, which was announced in 2007 the company developed in collaboration with Microsoft “SYNC” is revealed in this. I opened a small research center in Palo Alto in the early 2012.

The company is working to partner with start-up companies in Silicon Valley in the field net connection and mobile terminals, such as the application of car-related.

Shift lever that will send out vibration to the timing of the shift change, research and development department of Ford has developed a haptic (haptic). This motor Xbox360 game controller Microsoft is used.

Automobile industry has shown interest in potential start-up companies, such as Tesla greatly change the business model that lasted for many years in the automotive industry.

Paul Masukarenasu chief technology officer of Ford (CTO) was evaluated “on the idea of ​​ever in the industry, Tesla was challenged in a positive way” he said.

“I am not strong ego so. Sale of the motor vehicle growth, if a good idea that would lead to increase revenue, Gasuki Mr. GM’s, even from anyone about the impact companies outside the industry and Tesla have on the automotive sector I answered, “I’m going to accept.