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The Ultimate Worlds | May 21, 2018

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Note to Facebook! Origin of the trouble is “publish” now

Note to Facebook! Origin of the trouble is “publish” now
Romano Abraham

People who would write the information in the privacy and friends easily has many Facebook. I want to note you can be seen from the outside by the search, because they can be embedded in an external blog.

Search astonishing features of “real-time Yahoo! Search”

Screen on the right is the search screen of Yahoo! JAPAN, but it’s service was started two years ago called “real-time Yahoo! Search”. The search service is something amazing in both speed and quality.

When you search for a certain keyword, writing on Facebook keyword is included, Twitter tweets are displayed in a row. And I will continue to update in real time the new writing. It is the real-time search services write current can be seen almost all.

When you only search result of Facebook, of course, writing text is also displayed (name on Facebook) real name of the person that wrote. When you say real name comes out, it may be a little surprised, but there is no problem functionally. A post that is displayed, for that is, because is set to “public” in Facebook. None of the non-friends even seen so “publish”, should not the problem be displayed in the search.

But there are people who are writing to Facebook remains “open” without thinking setting frequently. Individual behavior, privacy, Slander ( Slander ) It is posted as pictures posted close to slander, face of others is reflected. Most people are limited to “friends,” but people are to “publish” the default setting, would have ended up posts that contain such personal information without thinking deeply.

I did not become less of an issue until now. I mean, in the search results, such as Google, posted on Facebook because did not see much. But You can use the real-time Yahoo! Search, real name and displays all if Published posts is also from being seen. It will be changed to the open range of the Facebook post.

Also trouble in the embedded blog post on Facebook?

Another, we need to be careful also “function embedded outside of Facebook blog post” provided by August 22. In Facebook, it is pasting to external individual posts (except for some users) you could not until now. But from August 22, Published posts is came to be embedded in the blog of all external.

The image on the right, but examples of embedded Facebook. The blog post author, is embedded a Facebook post author (“so that it is not embedded on its own to be able to embed the Blog Facebook attention:. writer Hiroshi Mikami office”) . Button! “Like” is possible to click on the blog (share comments and skipped to Facebook body). If you post to embed the posts of others is also possible of course, has become the public, can be displayed in the blog of anyone’s posting.

No problem on this mechanism as well. Facebook the original post because he is set to “public”, it’s supposed have no complaints be displayed elsewhere. However, as I wrote in the block above, there are people who you can write your personal information remains public easily have ended up a post close to slander. In some people, because there is a preconception that only friends, invisible Facebook.

Issues of function embedded external blog of this Facebook post, Mr. Shinichi Ozaki of web media pilot familiar with net service is pointed out as follows.  Noted that “good point by the lifting of the ban mode embedded in Facebook, point worry” in a blog post (Shinichi Ozaki) 

Name of the person who the “Likes” is exposed. People may hate this. Because there are people who would write easily your personal information on Facebook, it Bleached ( Further ) Conclusion services such as NAVER and · Togetter there, a possibility that could be is a · Facebook some, to fall into illusion friends only like do not look, it would burst into flames to write a slandering posts of Facebook may be able to use Of these, the most easy to miss is, I hope! It’s that the real name of the person who comes out. Sounds good! It is activity on Facebook (the action), but if you have to publish this activity, I hope! I seems that (name on Facebook) real name of the person who has the exits. Also in the future, when “(that you receive the attention-criticism to explode on the net scandals) burst into flames,” occurs in action and easy posting, opportunity to be available to post on Facebook is likely to increase.

Open range of post-activity on Facebook to “friend”

For this problem, security large and McAfee “would be searched easily on Facebook, your personal information” has issued a warning that.

“Danger of you know as well as the behavior of the family as well as himself to be grasped easily be a few days away the house there” as, has called attention to the easy post according to it. It’s that post from Facebook, and in some cases suspected the contents of the “secret question” that is used to log in to other sites.

To avoid these troubles, I want you to configure the following settings.

● Visibility Facebook post to access to Facebook on your computer to “friend”, select “Privacy Settings” and click the setting mark in the upper right. Is set to “friends” and “share range in the future” and “people who can see the content of me.” If you want to publish, and may be changed when posting individual

● I hope! I think there is no need to worry too much if you out do not want to put a real name, but people who do not want to put a real name in the “Likes” is trying to set. Access to Facebook on a computer, and view the timeline by clicking on the name of their own. Click “Edit basic data” at the top. List of “Likes” will appear when you scroll all the way down the page of basic data, click the pencil mark in the upper right. When you press the “Edit privacy settings”, a list of genre is displayed, to “friend” all the public range. Sounds good! It would be good if you do not set the so troublesome, but I want to recommend that you change the public a range of posts.