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The Ultimate Worlds | May 21, 2018

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Nintendo 2DS handheld Secret: Much to the screen

Nintendo 2DS handheld Secret: Much to the screen
Dr. Yehia Mechref

Nintendo officially announced earlier today do not have the naked eye 3D display capabilities 2DS handheld. Because this product is a breakthrough in the design too, with a retro-style flat shape, so a lot of players in the first sight 2DS after they found it difficult to accept, or even suspect that he is not through to the 1 April Fool’s Day .

But the fact is, 2DS is indeed Nintendo to pull in more players and launched a low-cost handheld products. Today from Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of sales Scott Moffitt in an interview for us to reveal more details about 2DS.

Scott Moffitt said Nintendo handheld design 2DS time to be able to reduce the number of screen components to reduce costs and decided to ride up and down the screen integrated in one piece on the LCD panel.

Meanwhile, in order to ensure the next screen still has a touch operation function, so in fact the entire game 2DS LCD panels are equipped with touch functionality. In the players actually get 2DS will find rides on the outer screen is covered with a specially hard plastic screen separate sealed to protect it.

In addition, as the operating system itself 2DS only able to identify from the lower touch screen operating instructions, mode of operation and therefore 2DS 3DS game series without distinction.

According to the official specifications before display, 2DS body size after the commencement of the 3DS handheld with similar, both of the same screen size. The difference is, 2DS design the front keys and shoulders L / R buttons to make a change in size, and equipped with only a single speaker.

According to plan, 2DS on October 21 will visit the United States and European markets, the price of 129.99 U.S. dollars / euros (about 796 yuan / 1060 yuan). Which will be issued in the United States black / red, blue / black and two exterior colors, while European players can get used white / red and blue / black two color scheme models. Meanwhile, each host will be included in the package charger, a 4GB memory card and a stylus.