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Samsung Galaxy S3 Circumvent problems 4.3 update to Android 4.4

Samsung Galaxy S3 Circumvent problems 4.3 update to Android 4.4
  • On December 25, 2013
Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S3

Since Samsung 4.3 due to various problems had to stop recently to roll out the firmware update, Android and only now again so that the revised version will start gradually rolling out , many users have already started looking for an alternative.

Who does not want to wait until the firmware is also available in this country , thanks to the custom ROMs OmniRom be Galaxy S3 can bring up to date already now . We show in the following step-by- step instructions on how to install the OmniRom version of Android 4.4 KitKat on his smartphone .

Before starting the installation you should be aware that this is not officially is a firmware version of Android 4.4 KitKat – especially since so far not yet be determined is when Android will be 4.4 rolled out at all for the Samsung Galaxy S3. However, the custom ROM has been running very stable and without significant error – but currently only on the international version of the Galaxy S3 with the model number GT- i9300. Before installing the firmware OmniRom it is also recommended to perform a complete system and data backup and to make sure that the battery is fully charged as possible .

Step 1 : First you added the Samsung Galaxy S3 in the so called USB debugging mode. This is enabled under “Settings – Developer options – USB debugging ” .

Step 2: Now you installed the necessary USB drivers for the Galaxy S3 on your computer and recharges OmniRom 4.4 and which also required Google Apps Package down .

Step 3: Now connect the phone via USB cable to the computer and copy both zip files on the SD card of the Galaxy S3.

Step 4: After that disconnects the Galaxy S3 turns off and restarts it in the recovery mode . These holds are the top button to adjust the volume as well as the home and the power button as long as simultaneously until the Samsung logo appears on the display.

Step 5: Next, one performs the backup of the existing Android version . By taping under ” backup and restore ” to the point ” backup” and confirm your entry .

Step 6: Now follows the actual installation. To do this, select the ” install zip from sd card” from the downloaded OmniRom 4.4 file.

Step 7: After you repeat step 6, but chooses this time from the Google Apps package.

Step 8: After the successful installation of the two ZIP files can the Samsung Galaxy S3 restart on selecting “reboot system now”. However, this first reboot may take a few minutes.