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The best accounting software for Windows 2013 at a glance

The best accounting software for Windows 2013 at a glance
  • On December 25, 2013

The year 2013 brought several legal innovations for the accounting records of companies. The accounting has changed as well as some tax laws , which entails corresponding consequences .. The trend of the electronic transmission of relevant data to the tax office also takes currently to continue . For this reason, many companies need a software to manage their bookkeeping and their finances.

We are the best free and paid accounting programs of 2013 provide at this point and give you a comprehensive overview of features, benefits and drawbacks.
GS- accountants : Including CRM functions

GS- accountants

GS- accountants

The software GS- Accountants Developer Sage offers in addition to the traditional accounting some more interesting features. Thus, the program can work with just a few clicks to create a revenue surplus formulation of different shops . It also has a module for customer management (CRM). Mandates , clients, consumers or guests can quickly and easily be added to the database. At the same time , under the name of any business contact is saved , which took place with this . In addition, GS- accountant is not only based on more than 25 years of commercial experience , special is beyond even legally compliant, so that the software can be kept up to date always .

The program is also prepared for the e- balance and can be used without problem with the new Microsoft operating system 8 . The license that is purchased with GS accountant runs , two years. This means in the coming year takes place a free update to the version of the year 2014. In addition, GS- accountant not only a DATEV but also a MAGPIE interfaces , which considerably simplifies the communication . The annual financial statements , sales tax returns or even meaningful reports for the tax office are fast, uncomplicated and easy to do .

Lexware: The all-rounder for SME’s



Lexware is especially popular with small and medium-sized enterprises – and has been for several years. The company offers solutions for all business sectors . For accounting the two programs Financial Office 2013 and Lexware accountant are available. The software is fully compatible with other programs for bills of the house, such as the wage offer and accounting. Lexware is compatible with all major operating systems and can also support the electronic transmission of the balance sheet to the tax office .

Very appreciated by different testers also be the mobile extensions of the program that make it possible to use this on your smartphone or your tablet on the go. Important business transactions can be recorded directly in this way , which makes subsequent complicated and unnecessary entries . Furthermore, the software Lexware accountant is e- balance -capable, which is known to newly introduced in 2013. Another advantage of the products of the company Lexware include free beginner videos that explain the part of the so-called eTraining program the user the main features and functions in a comprehensive form .

Sage GS- Office 2013: Fully featured ERP
The Sage GS- 2013 Office program combines accounting with inventory management and is extremely detailed. The software can be purchased in four different versions ( Classic, Comfort , Professional and Quantum) . The Classic Edition comes with a license and in addition to one years premium service by the manufacturer forecast all important basic characteristics of a professional accounting software. The comfort version offers a second license numerous other features that allow mainly to better merge the figures of the different divisions in the accounts.

The Professional Edition provides three to five optional licenses , as well as advanced capabilities in the areas of finance & investment accounting, order management and budget management . About the largest scale but has the quantum version of GS- Office 2013. Here, up to 20 licenses can be ordered. Furthermore, this package provides a terminal server capability and the opportunity to attend online seminars . Likewise, Sage offers here with a Callback service for problems of any kind , a remote maintenance. Sage GS- Office is compatible with all Microsoft operating systems up to and including Windows 7 . For self-employed workers and young entrepreneurs worth the mobile version , which is considered one of the best in the entry level segment. In addition, the program also enables the electronic transfer of balances to the tax office .

Buhl Data WISO Mein Geld 2013 Professional

Buhl Data WISO Mein Geld 2013 Professional

Buhl Data WISO Mein Geld 2013 Professional

The software WISO Mein Geld Professional 2013 is available in a new version . The program is very popular with individuals and the self-employed , because the software is cheap and easy to use. Is As with the last versions of an absolute focus of WISO my money on the payments. All cash flows can be made ​​easily and quickly visible. The accounting functions are sufficient for so-called one-man companies, and even for smaller companies. The program is compatible with all current versions of Windows. A unique feature of the software is the intelligent categorization in financial management that allows to organize certain items according to your needs.

In addition , the user has at WISO Mein Geld Professional 2013 any time an overview of all registered accounts and savings accounts , mortgages , as well as about possible bank statements and withdrawals by bank cards. Another advantage of the software by the numerous counselor functions , which can be in the program at any time call . Likewise, the personal data in WISO Mein Geld Professional 2013 is secured at all times by the currently highest safety standards HBCI FinTS . As a convenience function stands beside the document fast entry and use on a portable storage device such as a USB flash drive available.
Agenda Accounting 2013: The Complete System
The Agenda accounting software from the same manufacturer provides users with a complete system for accounting , financial accounting , annual launch and investment accounting . This agenda combines the areas of software , IT solutions and service at a all-round package. In addition, users benefit from 30 years of experience in the application of the manufacturer. The book collection and evaluation schemes carried out by DATEV standard and are easy and intuitive to use. The same applies to the areas of financial and investment accounting, receivables management, to production of annual accounts or the balance sheet report . In addition, Agenda 2013 Accounting highest security measures for the electronic data exchange.

In terms of service of the official Microsoft partner relies on the personal attention by qualified personnel. Thus, it is always ensured that the customers get quick and accurate answers to their questions. Another advantage is the compatibility of accounting Agenda 2013 with all current Windows systems. Who wants to be informed in advance about the different elements and features of the software , the manufacturer offers a complimentary packet of information which can be obtained by conventional mail .