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The Ultimate Worlds | May 21, 2018

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GTA 5 gameplay and all the details

GTA 5 gameplay and all the details
Romano Abraham

All about the most anticipated game of the year, GTA 5, the new installment of the popular series by Rockstar promises lots of news. There will be three playable characters, Michael, Trevor and Franklin, which interact in a game world – one in Los Santos with the surrounding area, including rural areas and desert – wider than ever , amounting to approximately 200 square kilometers . Characters can be changed in real time to your liking, and can use a wide range of vehicles, including watercraft, aircraft, helicopters, quad bikes and wetsuits.

Grand Theft Auto V is the new and eagerly awaited installment of the popular series underworld developed by Rockstar Games, announced in October 2011 and presented so far through two trailers and a plethora of information in these months. Many new promises both in terms of game play that about the game world , which will be much larger than previous releases. GTA V is the spiritual successor of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.
Output, price and platforms
Output, price and platforms
The game now available in stores from 17 September , also in Italy, in both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 , priced at € 69.90 . Installation will take in both cases at least 8 GB of free space on hard disk. Xbox 360 will be two discs , one of which will be used for the installation and the other one only to play games, while the PS3 will release a single disc. Currently Rockstar has decided not to issue one copy for the PC, although the user is requesting a loud voice , even through a petition that has already achieved a considerable amount of signatures. Nor is it expected arrival of GTA V at PS4 and Xbox One .

Will be purchased even a Special Edition and the Collector’s Edition , with several bonuses including gadgets , virtual items , weapons and vehicles exclusive .


GTA 5 will be set primarily in the city of Los Santos, inspired by the County of Los Angeles, with the countryside and the desert around , these fully explored . Specifically, the map will contain the suburban area of Los Santos, campaigns with the surrounding vineyards (region of Grapeseed ), a large area including Mount Chiliad , a military base, a vast desert , the region of the Alamo Sea , the region Blaine County and that of Zancudo River . It will also be possible to explore the underwater environment and several floors in height . In total , the entire game world is bigger than GTA 4 , Read Dead Redemption and GTA: San Andreas put together, perhaps with a size of over 200 square kilometers.

What GTA 5 can therefore be described as a true “world” in each exportable area , either on foot through a great amount of vehicles made ​​available for that iteration.
The characters

As was the case with previous releases of the series, GTA 5 will focus on the topic of money , but this time there will be major changes , from which there will be three playable characters : Michael , Trevor and Franklin.

  •     Michael is a forty year old former bank robber protected by the FIB ( FBI counterpart ) as he entered the witness protection program . He has a wife, Amanda, who spends all his savings , and two children, Tracy and Jimmy with which it has relations complicated . Despite having a beautiful home and great privileges, Michael is an unhappy man and will try to return to the underworld scene in hopes of finding himself.
  •     Trevor is a forty year old former airline pilot who lives in a trailer in Blaine County, which is a slum on the outskirts of Los Santos. Not very stable at the psychological level and drug addict, is a manufacturer and dealer of methamphetamine and Michael’s friend , with whom he shares some robberies made ​​in the past .
  •     Franklin is the youngest of the three characters, is African -American, 25 years old and is full of ambition. He works for a car dealership and takes care of recovering the cars sold when the customer fails to make the due payment. Know Michael during a robbery.

The Game play

In GTA 5 will therefore be available for the first time in the series, three characters instead of one. During a mission and in their free time, the player can switch characters freely, with a menu and whenever you want (except for some specific missions). When a character is not under the direct control of the user, will take care of their usual daily commitments and therefore, choosing, you will discover what he was doing at the time. Each of the three will have their savings, their weapons, missions, shelters, mini-games and material goods. In this sense, Rockstar offers a great variety in the game, since it can handle a mission under different perspectives: for example, you can use a character from the outside to eliminate enemies during a specific mission, and then go back inside the ‘ building with a second character. Guaranteed a much more fast-paced and intriguing life , from every perspective. There will be no romantic relationships, but there will still be the protagonists of their friends with whom they can interact.