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The Ultimate Worlds | May 21, 2018

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Medion Akoya E7226T ( MD99310 ) : New Aldi-Touch Notebook of 2014

Medion Akoya E7226T ( MD99310 ) : New Aldi-Touch Notebook of 2014
  • On January 14, 2014

Notebook with touch screen : At Aldi ‘s from 16 January 2014 , the Medion Akoya E7226T (MD99310 ) for 499 euros. At 3.2 pounds, the Akoya E7226T is no lightweight. And also no optical eye-catcher: It is packed in a plain plastic housing, to its processing; it is, however, nothing to complain about. It’s Large display with paler color reproduction. The 17.3- inch touch screen (43.9 inches diagonal) brings photos and videos with 1600×900 pixels in an orderly, if not superior quality to the screen. So the notebook photos and videos unfortunately show with distorted and pale colors. The touch screen responded in the test fast and very precise. To tap texts were comfortable keyboard, the stop is a bit soft. On the touchpad, there was not complain much, just gestures not recognized it partially. It is powered by the entry processor “Pentium N3520 “from Intel, the four gigabytes of memory available to the side. The on disk (disk space: generous 932 GB) implanted SSD storage coincides with eight gigabytes of too tight. So the pace was not great in the test : For Office and Internet , although it is more than okay for complex photo and video editing but you should schedule (waiting ) time .

Medion Akoya E7226T Not suitable for gamers. Exclusively is housed in the Intel Pentium graphics unit responsible for image playback on the 17.3- inch display. And that is too weak for a smooth playback of games such as ” Call of Duty: Ghosts” . A second , strong GPU as in gaming notebooks lacks the Medion Akoya . But a high-end graphics chip , you can not expect a 499 – euro – notebook 17.3- inch format also . well equipped

On the Internet you go by fast wireless-n (150 megabits per second) , the data exchange is done with smartphones via Bluetooth version 4.0 . A memory card reader for MS , MS Duo , SD, SDHC, SDXC and MMC is also series such as a Web camera and a microphone for video calls . In addition, each two USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 connectors as well as one network , VGA and

Battery life a bit short. When working , the battery lasted the test by two hours and 49 minutes during video playback it was two hours and 56 minutes . That’s ok , but not great . The charging time for a fully charged battery is connected to two hours and 46 minutes comparatively long.

Those who work only surfs the internet or with Word, Excel and PowerPoint , need not be annoyed by the hassle of Noise: The Medion Akoya E7226T was there only 0.2 Sone . In grueling tasks of the fan to cool the processor in the test was , however, clearly heard (2.0 sone ) .
Medion Akoya E7226 ( MD99310 ) is not the Medion Akoya E7226T. It is well made and has almost everything you need on board. Those looking for a budget laptop with a large 17- inch touch screen and a lot of memory, gets the Aldi notebook a decent machine as a replacement for a traditional desktop PC.