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The Ultimate Worlds | May 21, 2018

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iPhone 5 Downgrade: Apple iOS 7 Remove and reset on iOS 6

  • On January 14, 2014

Apple iOS 7 is particularly true in professional circles as one of the best operating systems that Apple has ever brought to market . But now , many users want to return the old iOS version 6 , there can still find too many bugs in the current firmware despite update.

However, since you only have a limited time window for such a downgrade , most users have that option unfortunately missed .

However, there is still to be replaced against an older version of a possibility iOS 7 on the iPhone 4 or iPhone 5 .

It should be said that such a downgrade brings a degree of risk to lose all personal data. Therefore, one should be sure that their iPhone 4 or iPhone 5 will actually want to downgrade . Before you begin the procedure should ensure that the iTunes version 11.0.5 or is low on the computer.

If a later version is already installed , you must uninstall it and download the old version of Old Apps . In addition, you need the personal backup file ( SHSH blob ) of iOS 6 If you can no longer find this file on his computer , you can use the tool iFaith by GitHub .

Downgrade to iOS 6 – with iFaith

Who can not find its own iOS 6 backup file , which helps the tool iFaith by GitHub . The program You just have to start and then to display the available SHSH cache. Once you have found and downloaded the file , you can iFaith time being close again. Now you should make sure that the iPhone 4 or iPhone 5 is in the so-called DFU mode . This is activated by simultaneously pressing the Power and Sleep button . After you connect your iPhone 4 or iPhone 5 to the computer and starts iFaith new. There simply selects the downloaded IPSW file and starts the process .

Downgrade with iTunes (when existing SHSH Blob )

Even easier to downgrade 6 – Sicherrung with its own iOS. These will set the iPhone 4 or iPhone 5 in advance in the recovery mode , iTunes starts 11.0.5 or lower, and connects the smartphone to the computer. iTunes should now automatically detect the iPhone 4 or iPhone 5 . Now you hold the Shift key , click on ” Restore iPhone ” and then selects the personal backup file ( SHSH blob ) of iOS 6 . The recovery is , however, take some time.