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The Ultimate Worlds | May 25, 2018

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Megasofuto PC software for housing ” My 3D Home Designer 12″

Romano Abraham

Japan, January 20, 2013: Megasofuto will release on February 3 , PC housing for software to post to Facebook CG image of the new house was designed , enjoy the home building while communication with family and friends “3D My home designer 12 ” .

Excluding tax price is 12,500 yen .

House software that can be three-dimensional model of a house as 3D with one click floor plan plan that you created with the mouse . You can edit at will the size and position of the room , it can be home or grow a Nyokinyoki from the ground , such as in and out of it jumped , is subjected to a direct effect of surprise in the case of three-dimensional .

As a new feature , it is equipped with the ability to post to Facebook with one click 3D perspective drawings and floor plan of creating . By post to groups that have joined or time line of his or her own questions while showing the picture, such as listening to opinion , it is possible to house building while having fun . Is on Facebook , I prepare official group that allows a user of ” My 3D Home designer ” to exchange information feel free to ” My 3D Home designer house building square ” .

In addition , the direct view from the cloud or on the ability to check the web content full of voice realistic seniors of home building in the ” Review ” button , the housing material part of more than 40,000 products including 43 companies real manufacturer – it is mounted new features available .

Supported OS , Windows 8.1/8/7/Vista/XP.