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The Ultimate Worlds | May 21, 2018

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Nintendo predicament, deprived users in tablet and smartphone

Romano Abraham

It is expected that Nintendo revised down significantly forecast for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2014 , operating income will be in the red for the third consecutive year. This is because deprived of the user to smartphones and tablets to be able to enjoy online games easily . Sales of new game machine (MS) U.S. Microsoft and Sony rival only strong , predicament of Nintendo stands out .

Satoru Iwata , President of the 17th , was a press conference in Osaka city was stressed that ” not a situation in need without are workarounds ” , but described it as ” shown by the corporate strategy meeting of the 30th ” for specific measures I stayed on. The biggest factor of poor performance , but poor ” Wii U ( Wee You ) ” non-portable game console that was released in November 12 . It not only easy to operate ” Wii ( Wii ) ” as previous work , it incorporates new features that can easily connect to social networking site on the Internet , but not novelty enough to encourage the replacement , soft shortage dragged down were .

Iwata president poised ” In the future , software that can be expected to come out , spread is achieved in a efficient ” and comes into turnaround . However , even in Europe and the United States market that has to price cuts base price was not the original plan , sales are down , the future is uncertain. On the other hand , MS and Sony , are increasing sales to suit the taste of those who enjoy the online game in earnest , by increasing the performance , such as an image display .

“Game market changes , we have to look at a different place and until now ,” It’s ( Iwata president ) situation , but it is reality without immediate plans for next-generation game console is turned to Nintendo , that there is not the only fight in the ” Gen’yu forces”.

Maeda Eiji senior analyst at SMBC Nikko Securities , the ” game machine , the revival of . Nintendo to be bored with the course of time since its release is , whether put out a novel software to capture , such as” Brain Training ” , a new user it is pointed out that ” rests on.