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The Ultimate Worlds | May 21, 2018

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One million books out of print books, magazines digitized Library of Congress

Romano Abraham

Digitized more than a million books and out of print books , or old baseball magazine , back issues of trade publications , fairy tale I read a long time ago , manual of transistor circuit that no longer fit in the hand to the National , a service that can be read for free from the library nearby Library of Congress starts on January 21, 2014 .

It also exposes a list out-of-print book was digitized on the Internet .

The collection has been an enormous amount of books and magazines that have been published in Japan , Diet , has been promoting the digitization diligently for a long time. That can not be viewed Kansai-kan of Kyoto Seika stand, the main building in Tokyo’s Nagata-cho to not carry the foot was often so far , but learn to read in university libraries and public libraries near future .

This initiative is called by the name ” digitized document transmission service .” List is organized to the official website of the Library of Congress or the read is what books and magazines specifically . Because some 1.31 million points in all , the day will become just end it and take a look at all .

It is possible to obtain a copy that was printed by the library apply for out of print books, some journals . Those published previously in 1968 for the book , which was published during the Meiji period -2000 years has been the subject for the magazine .

10 of January 2014 , libraries across the country 93 planned for this service . Diet idea to go to increase the number of libraries to cooperate in the future.