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The Ultimate Worlds | May 21, 2018

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The net full live coverage of sumo January 12 to 26 location

Romano Abraham

Japan; January 19, 2014- Ustream delivers towards the whole world all efforts will be held in both countries Kokugikan until January 12 to 26 , 2014 ” Grand Sumo Tournament January location ” .

It seemed to expect the demand of the fans in the world that want to see the sumo by all means even pay the money , it is set to pay program .

Online ticket required for viewing , you are selling the official Ustream channel of the Japan Sumo Association . I can choose any of the $ 120 $ 10 daily ( $ 15 only final day ) , for 15 days . It’s that of about 1,000 a day , it would be as soon as sumo popular in the world or cheap if this is high . By the way, by the seat -1 14,300 yen 2,100 yen entrance fee if you want to watch in both countries Kokugikan ( one day ) .

Each day with the live image of the bow dance and all efforts to top division from just the beginning , the venue sound , the awards ceremony also real-time delivery to the final day . It is also possible that if you buy a ticket online once , and view archived video until March 8 .

In addition to this , we have prepared well the PDF of the English version to brochure Disclose the history of sumo from the tour guide of the two countries Kokugikan official Ustream channel of the Japan Sumo Association , and enthusiasm that will let you look at the world sumo comes through .

Payment method of viewing fee , credit card . It corresponds to each brand VISA, MasterCard, American Express, the Discover.