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The Ultimate Worlds | May 21, 2018

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Baidu update “Baidu IME ” and “Simeji”

Romano Abraham

Japan; January 19, 2014- Japanese input system provided by the company for the ” Baidu IME ” , Baidu was published on December 30 the latest version And that the state is set to “off ” by default setting of cloud conversion in the new version .

In this update , I have been an improvement measures in response to the news part of the end of last year that there is a concern about leakage of personal information , such as distribution and methods relating to the product .

Cloud conversion service that returns the result of the conversion in real time and transmits it to the cloud server dictionary entry . According to the company , data and related server is managed safely in Japan all , no information is transmitted to the server is associated with personal information such as through user name , the possibility that personal information is leaked and that of that there is no risk .

For cloud conversion of Baidu IME, the default setting has been a “on” until now , but as the default set the state of the “off ” from the distribution amount December 25 . Further , during the upgrade , and the specifications that provide an explanation about the cloud transformation , to obtain a pre- acknowledge again for use .

Also in the Android OS for Japanese input application Simeji had received indications of same , the company launched a new version 6.6.2 on December 27 . I have fixed a bug that cloud conversion had been sent to the server entry even when the off in some versions . In addition , new user / update user with that I choose the default “off” by default cloud conversion .