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The Ultimate Worlds | May 21, 2018

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iPhone market share upto to 70% in Japan

Romano Abraham

The second half of 2013 , while the iPhone market share is reduced in the smartphone of Europe and the United States fell below half in the United States and other countries , reached 70% in Japan, indeed , a very rock-solid .

Kantar Japan put together this kind of survey results . This is , or would be signs that the situation that has been referred to as the ” Galapagos ” once you try again revealing .

A survey Kantar Japan was conducted in September-November 2013 , 10,000 smartphone buyers in Japan , 69.1% of people that chose (iOS) iPhone. On the other hand the person who answered Android was only 30% .

But the situation is completely different , the iPhone market share is only 43.1% even in the United States is the home territory of Apple in Europe and the United States . Given the same period of the previous year was 53% , and suggests that despite the strong sales of the iPhone, the growth of competing products is more pronounced .

Android ‘s top and is 50.3 percent in the U.S. market, but products that are classified as other also accounted for a certain percentage of 6.6 %. According to Kantar Japan , such as Windows Phone that is expanding its market share little by little .

With an eye on the European market in September-November 2013 , market share of the iPhone in the UK fell to 30.6% is what was 36.1% the same period of the previous year , to 18.6 percent from 23.2 percent the same , and in Germany in France to 17.3% from 21.1% , and has fallen to 11% respectively from 20.1% in Italy .

Era conventional mobile phone developed by a domestic manufacturer in the Japanese market was the height of prosperity , the term ” Galapagos ” was used extensively by derided the difference between overseas . Evolved different from that of the world’s leading product made ​​in Japan ” Galapagos Keitai ( Garake ) ” is a high-performance , multi-function the first time was an eye-opener , but I was not accepted much outside of Japan .

With the advent of smart phones , including the iPhone of Apple, looked peculiarities of this market on what was lost , but whether in fact really . Findings of Cantor Japan ‘s suggestive .