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The Ultimate Worlds | May 21, 2018

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DOKE launched Service video message card

Romano Abraham

Japan; January 20, 2014- DOKE has launched a service that can be used as a new service using ” ViMeCa ( Bimeka ) ” the video message card that allows you to send a video with a simple operation , you receive a video message from the talent and idle .

Price is 4980 yen . Separately, postage needs .

Miyauchi Momoko of talent , Mr. Matsui Kotono ” DiNity ( di Niti ) ” of the idol group , Kajiwara Minami ‘s actress , video + handwritten message to send to service for the fans . When you request the message content from the order form on each page of the three , video card message the message was recorded ” ViMeCa ” arrives at hand . In the future , it plans to increase the production to join .

The ” ViMeCa ” , A5 in size of 8mm thick horizontal length 210 × 148 ×, weighs about 150g. It is equipped with 4.3 -inch LCD of 480 × 272 pixels , videos MP4/AVI method can be recorded . Maximum recording time is about 4 minutes . I can record and playback easily with the press of a button without using a PC . The exterior of cardboard , I could decorate and writing . In addition to the enrollment and graduation celebrations , such as a wedding , I can also take advantage of and communication with grandpa grandmother far away .