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The Ultimate Worlds | May 21, 2018

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Smartphone app “Rakuten phone ” by Fusion Communications downloads 250,000

Romano Abraham

Japan; January 19, 2014- Fusion Communications is a telecommunications company Rakuten Group announced downloads smartphone app “Rakuten phone ” dedicated , and topped the 250,000 total at December 20 point to be the 16th from the start of the service .

Hold a “year campaign coming year Yuku ” that to commemorate this , call point is 5 times .

The “Rakuten phone ” , launched a dedicated smartphone app after registration Web, and make phone calls , telephone service call charges will be half price .

To the call charge of optimism telephone during the period up to 19:00 January 7, 2014 from 0:00 December 25, 2013 , the campaign is that it Give ’em disable pop-up blockers point five times the normal amount from Rakuten Phone thing .

10,000 points Super Points account number per one of the largest , in 2014 late March , grant maximum amount awarded to a time-limited point that can be used until the end of April 2014 .