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The Ultimate Worlds | May 21, 2018

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No Comments Mother : Smart Gadget monitors almost everything Mother : Smart Gadget monitors almost everything
Romano Abraham

Germany; January 20; 2014- The company brings a universal gadget for the networked home on the market . It looks like a grinning cone and cares about the welfare of the entire family.

The grinning cone bears the name of Mother ( English for ” Mother ” ) and holds – as a mother does now times – her family’s needs in mind. It measures the room temperature , makes sure that all family members properly brush your teeth , and if everyone takes sufficient fluid .

Sensors adhere to toothbrush & Co. and report

Individual sensors , called motion Cookies are attached to devices such as a toothbrush , or water bottle. The then collect the necessary information and send it to a special smartphone app . You can , for example, a cookie Motion attach to the backpack and your child will automatically receive a message when your daughter or your son enters or leaves the house . Do you want to prevent you goes missing an item , simply attach a sensor to it. Already have warned when he moves.

Mother monitored the sleep patterns and provides for plants

As further examples , the manufacturer leads to the sleep monitoring and plant care . Thus, the Motion cookie can namely also use to check on whether you sleep restless. This can best be illustrated through the app and evaluate. In the so-called sleep phase alarm clocks , this documentation of sleep has come in recent years in fashion. Attach a cookie to a watering can , it can be checked whether one has cast his plants regularly .