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The Ultimate Worlds | May 21, 2018

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Ten engineering marvels that were ahead of their time

Romano Abraham

The Ultimate Worlds editors have long unearthed forgotten treasures from their cellars and imagine ten revolutionary devices that gave an overview of current technology 20 years ago .

You hold the tablet PC and the Smart Watch for developments in the recent past? Far from it : harbingers of these modern devices , there were decades ago. They failed for various reasons : With so many technically – smashers the price was simply too high, others were poorly marketed or were not fully developed – and for some ancestors of modern equipment , the world just was not ready yet. However, technology enthusiasts, fascinated by the small revolutions until today – and even then it was of course “cool” to be one of the few owners of such a part .

The fans at The Ultimate Worlds the first hour have long forgotten treasures unearthed for you and present the relic of the past on the following pages . Behind many of these devices plugged a formative experience . Colleagues tell you what that was Рand why the old boxes until today provide bright eyes and are therefore not yet landed in the trash or on Ebay . By the way: A large part of these rare treasures still operates today !