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The Ultimate Worlds | May 21, 2018

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Windows 8 and 8.1 without Microsoft account

Windows 8 and 8.1 without Microsoft account
Romano Abraham

If 8 or 8.1 Windows starts for the first time , to create the will of the manufacturer a Microsoft account . But this is not absolutely necessary. Who used as usual after recent scandals Ausspäh the Internet rather have a local user account that will help in this tip .

Although the combination of Windows with Microsoft’s online services is not new, but since the application is Windows 8 by Microsoft account (formerly ” Windows Live ID”) quasi- mandatory. The advantage is obvious : Windows users can access without further dislocations on the SkyDrive online storage , use the associated Apps calendar , mail and contacts, download new software from the Windows Store and keep settings across multiple computers in sync. The catch: Microsoft has an overview of all PC activities of the Windows user and makes it so the glass customers. Who does not want or Microsoft’s online services need only sporadically , but can as before using a so-called ” local user account ” and the constant connection to Microsoft servers caps. This is common in earlier versions of Windows PC application is also possible with version 8 or 8.1 – but the notes are very well hidden.

Do not immediately register:

Whether new PC , Windows installation or upgrade : If 8 or 8.1 Windows starts for the first time , it has set up in no time. But always slow with young horses : If you are doing namely as required to type an email address, you will automatically set up a Microsoft account , or connect the PC to an existing one. To prevent this , click instead depending on the Windows 8 version directly log on without Microsoft account before or create a new account. Perform without login Microsoft account you will find small at the bottom of the screen ( see picture). Then click , if appropriate, to Local account, then enter any user name and password and a password hint . After clicking Finish Windows will then start without cloud connectivity. Important: If you have Windows 8 already used with a local account and then updated to version 8.1, the option appeared Without Microsoft account no longer log on . In this case, click Create a new account and then with an existing account to continue to work around the seeming online coercion.