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The Ultimate Worlds | May 21, 2018

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The big security test : the world leader in last place Dramatic Test Results

The big security test : the world leader in last place Dramatic Test Results
Desk Reporter

This led to the test – Drama : The world market leader Norton, in the tests of the past has always been at the top programs here , ends up in last place . The test criteria are incorruptible – but the result has implications as The Ultimate Worlds editor in chief Axel Telzerow explains in an open letter :

“Sometimes test results do hurt . Most manufacturers who find their products on the rear seats . So manufacturer Norton is not happy that his Security Suite 2014 landed in the big comparison test of conservation programs in the last place . However, this also hurts us because we provide for two years on a Security Suite Heft-CD/DVD available , based on the Norton suite. In the previous test Norton still belonged to the top group . This extremely elaborate tests with its clearly traceable measurements , clear rules and provide maximum transparency , of course, not only for you but also for us for almost 18 years, results that deserve absolute trust .

We have therefore decided not to settle the Norton software from issue 4/ 2014 Heft-CD/DVD . What does this mean for you if you use the Norton software for your PC ? Your version is still valid Рand you should not deactivate because: The risk of pest infection without protection program is immense. The Norton Suite can by just 0.21 percent more than the current virus test winner. That does not sound dramatic, but when it comes to safety The Ultimate Worlds sets have always been particularly strict standards . A car whose airbag failed in 0.21 percent of all accidents , you would eventually not buy.

We are working flat out , to offer you a Security Suite as soon as possible that will meet our strict criteria. In order to then had always to be in security up to date , you can subscribe to our security newsletter. Because we want to be absolutely sure that the result of the current test does not even hurt you . “