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The Ultimate Worlds | May 21, 2018

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Francesco Caio Announced the Mr. Digital Agenda for Italy

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Three years to catch up with the new network at least half of the Italians: cost 13 billion Euros and no concrete idea of ​​spin-off on the horizon.

Today’s Report was presented by Francesco Caio, the man of confidence chosen from Palazzo Chigi for the implementation of the Digital Agenda and the pursuit of the targets set by the Digital Agenda Neelie Kroes European Union. The presentation was attended by the President of the Council Enrico Letta, while the government commissioner presented the proposals along with Gérard Pogorel , professor emeritus at the University of Paris ParisTech and Scott Marcus , former advisor to the Federal Communication Commission .

The report summarizes the Caio national plan for broadband and ultra wide . Last November Letta has appointed Caius to set up a small group of international experts to conduct an analysis of the investment plans of the Italian telecommunications operators . The problem is known and has also talked in the interview with the Commissioner NRA Webnews two days ago : you have to come up with something to cover it with the next generation networks , bridging the digital divide , and start from the assumption that the political -economic telco in Italy is very unstable and especially historically based on the dependence on the fixed network.

During the presentation, Dick presented the main lines of evidence of the relationship. Enrico Letta , for its part , has reiterated many times as you wait by the operators , first, fidelity to the promises : the private sector needs to invest while the policy is to monitor , and then , if every promise will be kept , the Government may intervene with further investment where the return is lower and the interest is not such as to justify further efforts of coverage.
At the moment the spin-off hypothesis therefore sounds more like a threat than as a distinct possibility if all do their duty , the government will stay out of the market , otherwise will have to regain the network and ensure that the objectives of European Digital are achieved in one way or another.