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The Ultimate Worlds | May 21, 2018

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A map of Seattle full of secrets!

A map of Seattle full of secrets!
Staff Reporter

Microsoft launches interactive map of Seattle containing a hundred eggs Easter arts. Microsoft engineers arrive with a new project called Gigapixel ArtZoom . This is an interactive map of Seattle, nearby city of Richmond, head of the firm. Like others, the user can view it online here . But being a little more attentive , it quickly falls on surprises, easter eggs which are small details or loops hidden programs .

This time, the Gigapixel ArtZoom appealed to hundreds of artists in the Seattle area which you can see the achievements in a street corner or on a roof. The panorama was made ​​from 2368 pictures of twenty-two megapixel taken from a skyscraper with a Canon DSLR with a telephoto 400 mm. The works of some artists were installed later then photographed the same place, and embedded in the panorama. Other directly melted into the background.

Here are some examples that we identified do not hesitate to report your findings !