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The Ultimate Worlds | May 21, 2018

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IN PICTURE. A panorama of the Moon from Chang’e 3

IN PICTURE. A panorama of the Moon from Chang’e 3
Staff Reporter

The picture was taken by LG 1.2 tons that China has placed on our satellite , while its rover ” Jade Rabbit ” is always off. Hard S.O.S. down. There a few days, the Chinese authorities have reported a ” failure of mechanical control ” of the Chinese rover ” Jade Rabbit ” at its exit hibernation .

Chinese scientists ” working to fix ” the vehicle , said the official New China News Agency , without further details , citing the State Administration for Science , Technology and Industry for National Defense.

SOCIAL NETWORKS- Chinese social networks were flooded Monday, Jan. 27 messages of concern and wishes for recovery of the unmanned vehicle sent by Beijing on the moon , who met a mechanical malfunction .

The AFP has identified some of these messages of encouragement :
” Lapinou we pray for you” – a message from a user translated by AFP.

“I hope you resurrect ” wanted another anonymous , emphasizing the ” beauty ” but also ” great difficulty ” of space exploration .

” Goodbye Earth “, ” Goodbye humans,” wrote pessimistic users , imagining a posthumous message from Jade Rabbit , sent from beyond.

NUMBER 3- China is now mid- December 2013 the Third World nation to pass a soft landing , with its space probe Chang’e 3 which filed the satellite Earth this exploration vehicle.

This technological feat was an important step in an ambitious space program of China, who dreams of being the first Asian country to put a man on the moon , probably after 2025.

The ” Jade Rabbit ” is responsible for scientific analyzes, including geological . He was scheduled to be operational three months, during which he had to travel at a maximum speed of 200 meters per hour.