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iPhone 6 and Apple iOS 8: What’s Next ?

iPhone 6 and Apple iOS 8: What’s Next ?
  • On January 31, 2014

Apple has also introduced the new smartphone models iPhone iPhone 5s and 5c known recently in addition to iOS 7. While both smartphones offer rather little that is new, Apple has the mobile operating system iOS which updating frequently. What comes next? iOS 8 for iPhone 6!

But the colleagues of the online magazines Phones Review and TechCrunch already provide now the question is what Apple is planning for the future. What is iOS 8 bring with them and what specifications the iPhone 6 have ?

The new iOS 7 offers in comparison to the previous version, many new and innovative features , a completely revised design and a significantly improved control center . All in all, iOS 7 , according to the colleagues of the British news portal Phones Review almost all the functions that need a mobile OS . This raises the question of what Apple can actually do even better in iOS 8 . According to the editors , there are very little that iOS lacks 7 – except perhaps to lead the way groups calls over FaceTime.

The situation is different , however, when it comes to iPhone. Although the iPhone 5s offers a new 64- bit processor and a fingerprint scanner , but the new smartphone is similar to the previous model, almost like peas in a pod . The same applies to the so-called low-budget model iPhone 5c , whose only visual improvement can be made out to the colorful shells. It is therefore desirable in addition to the colleagues from Phones Review , the editors of TechCrunch , a completely new design for the iPhone 6.