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Grooveshark Alternatives – The best online music sites on the Internet

  • On January 31, 2014

The online music service Grooveshark is no longer available in Germany . The operator informed via the website of the cloud service that the operation was set in Germany because of the disproportionate cost of ownership. The makers of Grooveshark mean the GEMA fees that must be paid in Germany . Grooveshark itself recommends its users to Simfy dodge . But there are a number of other Grooveshark alternatives.

The era of Grooveshark in Germany is apparently finished. The music provider has ceased operations in Germany . If you call the website Grooveshark with a German IP address , the operator informed that the service was discontinued because of the disproportionate cost of ownership. What is meant here are the GEMA fees that must be paid in Germany . GEMA itself criticized this statement .

GEMA fees for cloud services

Cloud services in the music area are a relatively new phenomenon. GEMA had to specifically develop a new charging scheme for this purpose . This is also the reason why Apple in this country belatedly went to the start with iTunes Match . The call rates GEMA for online vendors provide that each paying subscription users between 60 and 100 cents fees must be paid . For free users participating providers must pay per abgerufenem song from 0.025 to 0.6 cents to GEMA .

GEMA criticized the behavior of Grooveshark and contradicts the possibility of the representation of the operators. So far Grooveshark have taken another not paid any fees or contacted the GEMA. In the industry, the new regulations for cloud services were generally met with a positive response . Much understanding can be the Grooveshark makers therefore can not expect the same from the former rivals.

Alternatives to Grooveshark

Grooveshark was popular among music fans , because the online service could use free of charge . It is now clear that this was only possible because the operators want to pay any fees. Grooveshark itself recommends its users to Simfy dodge . However, this service is chargeable. There are a number of other Grooveshark alternatives that also are partially free .

Simfy – the official Grooveshark alternative

On its own website Grooveshark recommends its users, au Simy dodge . Simfy is therefore something like the official Grooveshark alternative. The musical offering is comparable to that of Grooveshark . There are over 16 million songs available. Simfy offers two tariffs. The unlimited use with your computer , iPhone or Android app costs 4.99 euros per month , and mobile access using a smartphone or tablet 9,99 € . A sample month is free . Simfy is available in Germany , Switzerland, Austria and Belgium .

Napster – once the pioneer

Napster is an alternative for many years on the market and still a Grooveshark . The music selection is similar to Simfy , but the cloud service is more expensive. The subscription costs 7.95 euros for the desktop version and 12,95 € for the mobile version . Napster was originally a music exchange , which was founded by Shawn Fanning launched in 1998. The then illegal exchange market with around 60 million users was überschütet with a wave of lawsuits in 2003 and sold to Roxio , tags the service at a legal music service . On 1 December 2011 Napster was sold to Rhapsody .

Rdio – a new provider as Grooveshark alternative

Rdio is one of the newer players on the market. The streaming service can be tested FREE for a week . After costs and unlimited use with the computer 4.99 euros per month , the mobile access 9,99 € . provides albums of various music bands and artists online ready , they can via a browser , be listened to via app or download. The online music service be reached most recently in Germany . Rdio was developed by Janus Friis , who has already founded in collaboration with Niklas Zennström Internet Messenger “Skype” .

More Grooveshark alternatives

Additional chargeable Grooveshark alternatives include, among other things, Juke , Rara and Deezer . The principle is the same for all , music selection and subscription rates , however, differ slightly . There are also free alternatives to Grooveshark . Above all, here are , and to name . The principle: the music services collect songs from other providers such as YouTube and integrate them with social elements into your website . A further alternative is which is rather oriented web radio .