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Sony PS4 hardware and design- all the news

Sony PS4 hardware and design- all the news
Romano Abraham

Review Overview


PS4 ( PlayStation 4 ) is the next-gen consoles from Sony, on the market in conjunction with the debut of the rival Xbox One. Promises both new hardware into the game , especially with components much better than integrated into the PS3, as well as the Gaikai cloud technologies . Not impose any restrictions on the games and those used in digital are accessible from any PS4 , instantly, even from that of a friend ; rich line-up of titles announced by Sony and output in the first half of 2014. PS4 has price equal to 399 Euros .

PS4 (PlayStation 4) is the fourth home gaming platform from Sony and opens with the Microsoft Xbox One the next generation of game consoles. Featuring a clean design meant to adapt well to all homes , a compartment powerful hardware and able to offer games with a smoother and better graphics and online capabilities more advanced than the previous solution , the new PlayStation promises sparks in the field of gaming.
How much does it cost?

The PS4 is available on the market from 29 November 2013, around the globe, including Italy. In Europe, the retail price is equal to 399 Euros , so as much as 100 euro less than the initial offering of the Microsoft Xbox One .

THE PS4 arrives on the Italian market with a few days delay with respect to rival Xbox One, but the challenge of Christmas will be fought on equal terms : Microsoft can boast of a more comprehensive and extensive offer , while Sony can leverage highly competitive price .

What is included in the bundle of the European PS4 ?

By purchasing a PS4 , is located in the package :

  •     PlayStation 4
  •     DualShock Wireless Controller 4
  •     HDMI Cable
  •     Power Cord
  •     Mono Headset with wire
  •     USB Power Cable

Sony has decided not to include the PS Eye camera for several reasons . First of all, it is not necessary to operate the console and the execution of the vast majority of games, also remove them from the basic package has allowed Nissan to keep down the price of the launch of the platform . The PS Eye is sold separately at a price of 49 euro . PS4 will be the first console from Sony to include the HDMI cable in the bundle base.

The hardware sector of the PS4

The PS4 and new Xbox One have a fund similar hardware , but the solution Sony has a RAM of type faster and therefore , at least in multiplatform games , it is theoretically able to guarantee the best performance in terms of graphics and fluidity compared to Microsoft device .

The technical equipment includes a single-processor CPU with “Jaguar ” x86 -64 AMD 8-core and AMD Radeon GPU license plate from 1.84 TFLOPS , 8 GB of RAM memory type GDDR5 , therefore, super-fast, 500 GB internal hard drive , Blu- ray 6x USB 3.0 ports. This Ethernet connectivity , WiFi ( b / g / n) and Bluetooth 2.1. As for the audio / video outputs , there are the HDMI and analog .

The DualShock controller 4 has a two-point capacitive touchpad , accelerometer, three-axis gyroscope , light bar similar to the one implemented in the PlayStation Move , mono speaker , a micro-USB port , a port for stereo output , an extension and a 1000 mAh battery rechargeable via cable . The new hardware implemented in the system control pad offer a much more accurate and powerful than the solution for the PlayStation 3. The new DualShock 4 is heavier, but more ergonomic , with a revised design and analog triggers and improved. The lower part has been stretched and more fitting , in such a way that the user has a system even more comfortable to hold in hand . Present then the Share button , dedicated to sharing online content with their contacts on the PlayStation Network , Facebook, UStream and other social channels , and when pressed you will have access to many features , including an approach to enable the transmission of its game session to a friend , live , in order to get help from the remote if you were in trouble during a certain phase of the title played . In the central part of the DualShock 4 has also been integrated a touchpad, which will function exactly like the one in the back of the PS Vita , useful in case of a game providing this type of functionality. Who wants to buy a second DualShock 4 it can get with an outlay of € 59 .

The hardware that makes up the PlayStation Eye camera instead includes two cameras with a resolution of 1280 × 800 pixels, fixed focus f/2.0 lens and field of view of 85 degrees. There is a four-channel microphone and the minimum distance to the focus is 30 centimeters. This device is therefore greatly improved compared to that for PS3 and is capable of ensuring greater accuracy in the capture of the movements and less delay in the response in-game . The shape is similar to that of Kinect for Xbox and the new camera for PS4 will be , once again , usable in combination with PS Move so as to ensure a better game experience . The hope is that the developers are able to propose new titles in a better position to take advantage of the two accessories , since PS3 intellectual property created with the support of the PS Eye was purely dedicated to a casual audience .

In terms of processing power, the PS4 is a major leap forward compared to PS3 and Xbox 360 , so that for example the titles in digital can be played even when they are downloading. The games can still be auto- loaded even before the user proceeds with the purchase, and the system will recognize his tastes also provide advice on upcoming titles.

The system allows you to play PlayStation 4 at most, thanks to dynamic games and that will exploit more and more online features , top-notch graphics and speed , customization, intelligent , highly integrated social functionality and innovative features for the second screen. Combining unparalleled content , immersive game experiences , all your favorite apps for fun and exclusive PlayStation , the PS4 system focuses on the players.

The design of PS4

The design of the PS4 is simple and elegant , and resembles in outline to the one chosen by Microsoft for the Xbox One. The console from Sony does, however, from a profile with oblique cut that makes it aesthetically more aggressive and modern , thus differentiating the approach compared to direct competitor . We should not overlook the fact that both consoles are pointing to a central position in the living room of the users, at the side of the TV , as well as the aesthetics plays a role in the long term in the eyes of potential buyers.

On the front panel there are LED blue faces to show when the system is turned on. Sony PS4 has worked to make thinner and less bulky as possible : the dimensions are equal to 275x35x305 mm and the weight , however, is about 2.8 kilograms.

Each button and slot for connectivity has been hidden inside the voids recreated on the surface , which makes the impact of the console as clean and discreet. Also redesigned the controller, with particular attention to the ergonomics of the handle during the game , but the shape is so faithful to the footprint of the older releases.
The games for the PS4

Despite the PS4 is not yet available in stores , there are many titles already announced that part of the first wave of IP for the console. From Assassin ‘s Creed IV: Black Flag FIFA 14 , Call of Duty: Ghosts to Battlefield 4 , Destiny and The Evil Within , through Beyond Good & Evil 2 and Thief , between the end of 2013 and the first six months of 2014 should be available a line-up quite rich , which aims to satisfy every needs. Sony has already announced that there are more than 140 games in development for the new platform .

Inevitably the envelope in terms of playable titles can make a difference and for that reason much as Sony Microsoft have moved their pieces to have as many titles available and the more exclusive they can boast to win the favor of the gamer .

Multiplayer payment

Access to the PlayStation Network and PlayStation Store on PS4 will continue to be free but , unlike what we saw with PS2 and PS3 to play online multiplayer you have access to a form of subscription. The user is obliged to subscribe in this case access to the PS Plus service , which has a cost equal to the quarterly or annual € 14.99 , € 49.99 . Sony has opted out of having to pay for such a system in an effort to provide better infrastructure and , in general, an online gaming more stable and faster than the current generation .

The platform PS4 will leverage cloud technology Gaikai to offer customers a new way to access and use of video games. This service will allow , for example, immediately start a game without having to wait for the download , to seek help from a friend if you were to get into trouble during a specific game, and also to try the games for free with instant access and, if necessary after buying them , in comfort. Sony has stressed, however, that the full feature arising from Gaikai will be introduced in 2014.
There are blocks used games ?

PS4 has no mechanism to capture the market of used games . Sony has opted for this strategy from the outset , thus taking advantage of the net on the Xbox One, for which Microsoft had chosen a different, more oriented to digital, then changed as a result of numerous complaints from players. PS4 on the player will then be free to exchange, lend, sell or give away any title without any limitations.

In addition, PS4 will allow players to access their securities purchased via digital delivery on any console. You can then go to the home of friends or acquaintances , and simply making their console login with your username and password ome , you will have instant access to the entire digital library. No waiting here to start the game , thanks to the service Play As You Download.
PlayStation Vita and backward compatibility

PS4 integrates with screens of other devices like PS Vita (but also smartphones and tablets ) : Sony Lens is to make nearly every game playable on portable PS4 , using remote play via a WiFi network. PS4 acts in this case as a server which transmits the streaming data on your handheld . Not all games PS4 will support Remote Play on PS Vita , so it will not be a ubiquitous feature , but implemented only at the discretion of the developers.

The new PlayStation is backwards compatible with games developed for the PS One, PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3, but are only accessible in the same stream , through the service Gaikai , and therefore not using physical media. Who, then, for example, has the PS3 with its own collection of games on the disc , you can not use it on the new console.
The PS4 for developers

Sony is strongly determined to attract to itself the largest possible number of developers, whether it be established that groups of young college students and developer of the independent scene . In addition to working with the first and third party , the Nissan has introduced an initiative devoted to the European university students , who have had access to the devkit of PS4 already months away from commercialization of the console. The console is also too indie- friendly , given that Sony allows independent self- publish their titles on the platform, thus without the need to find a publisher .

The system allows the PS4 biggest game developers in the world to unleash their creativity and create innovative games , through a system designed for their needs. The heart of the PS4 system consists of a custom chip that contains eight 64 – core x86 processor and a graphics processor of the latest generation from 1.84 TFLOPS with 8 GB of memory GDDR5 ultra- fast unified system , which simplifies the creation of games and increases the quality of the content available for the platform.

The PS4 is designed to last over time?

As occurred with the current generation of consoles , including the PlayStation 4 will last many years. Sony stated that the life cycle of the platform will be about ten years old , thus equalizing the average length of previous generations. Once again the starting blocks there are Xbox and PlayStation , as compared to the past will not attend the race with his Nintendo Wii. A two-horse race , in short , in which Microsoft comes up with the favor of the prediction , but where the ball is at the center and at the time Sony may look to the strong challenge from lower prices and greater clarity on the details.