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The Ultimate Worlds | May 21, 2018

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IBM produces a radio receiver in graphene

IBM produces a radio receiver in graphene
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IBM researchers have created the first RF chip operating at a frequency of 4.3 GHz Graphene has been used for channel transistors. Graphene is the leading candidate to replace silicon in processors of the future. IBM researchers have taken a first step toward achieving this goal , producing a radio frequency receiver in graphene with performance 10,000 times higher than current solutions . The real discovery is represented by the technique used to deposit material on the chip without damaging it. Graphene, in fact, possesses excellent electrical conductivity ( 200 times greater than silicon ), but is rather fragile.

IBM scientists have created the first chip in graphene in 2011 , proving that the material could be used in electronics , but at the same time and found that its performance was adversely affected by the production process . The gfet ( Graphene Field-Effect Transistor) was obtained by depositing on the wafer before the active components (transistors and their channels in graphene ) and then the passive components ( resistors and capacitors ) . This lead to the damage of the gfet , because of the fragility of graphene ( a microscopic sheet often as a carbon atom ) .

The RF receiver was instead assembled from the passive components , on which was deposited a layer of graphene, at the end of the production process . The chip contains three channels in graphene transistors and operates at a frequency of 4.3 GHz receiver has been tested with success , being able to read the message “IBM ” from the wireless signal.

In addition to the computer, the graphene could be used for the realization of radio chips to be integrated in future mobile devices. The frequency of data transmission can reach the 500 GHz , well beyond any material used in the field of radio frequencies , among other less energy consuming .