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The best laptop batteries for mobile phone

The best laptop batteries for mobile phone
  • On February 4, 2014

If the battery of your mobile phone you left lying every few minutes, or if not enough for what you need on your travels, the solution is a laptop battery. With these accessories you can charge smartphones, tablets, e- Readers, pocket players and even laptops. These are the best.

PNY Powerpack Digital
The manufacturer PNY is well known for its high-performance graphics cards for both consumer and professional applications, and accessories like SD cards and memory RAM. But it also has next-generation laptop batteries such as Digital Powerpack models, which are among their latest releases.

They have a great design, with metal housing, excellent finishes and, best of all, a digital display showing the charge state of the battery. This range has three versions, 2,600, 5,200 and 7,800 mAh, which adapt to different uses.

The smallest is very easy to transport and allows you to fully charge most smartphones. But, if you have a terminal of the high end, or want to carry a tablet, it is better to opt for higher capacity models. The model has a single 2,600 mAh current output by USB, 5V and 1A, designed for small devices.

But the other two models include another take, 5V and 2.4A for charging tablets and other devices for increased consumption. They also allow charging two devices at once and include adapters for all major brands of smartphones. These laptop batteries are on sale in different stores and supermarkets in Spain.

Romoss Sailing
The manufacturer Romoss offers some features that are not found on all models of laptop battery and that may interest you. In its range Sailing Samsung SDI uses batteries, lithium ion, manufactured to the highest standards of quality and reliability by one of the leading brands.

RavPower FileHub Wireless Media Drive
This brand manufactures batteries for computers and phones, but also portable models of different categories. The Element range includes units with capacity of 7,800 mAh and 10,400, both suitable to simultaneously charge two portable devices and outputs a fairly manageable size.

Anker Astro Slim
If you want a light and comfortable to wear battery to charge your smartphone when you’re traveling, this Anker model may be the perfect solution. Anker Astro Slim 3 has a capacity of 6,000 mAh, but there is also the Astro Veresion Slim 2, with 4,500 mAh.

Both have a flattened shape for easy transport and integrate the USB cable, which can be hidden in its side, setting the connector into a hole created for this purpose. The price of higher capacity is around 36 euros in online stores.

Veho Pebble Portable Charger Verto
Veho accessories brand has several models of Laptop Battery designed for travel. With the same design that you see on these lines , the ranges Verto Pebble Pebble Pebble Explorer XT and sold in various colors and with capacities of 3,000 , 3,700 , 5,000 and 8,400 mAh, for a price of between 49,95 and 99,95 euros.

All include a carrying case, charging indicator light and connectors for smartphones major brands (Currently not include the latest Apple connector: lightning).

Patriot Fuel +
With a good balance between capacity , portability and usability , the Patriot Fuel + laptop batteries are a good choice for users who need to upload a martphone and one tablet at a time. Versions of 2,200, 3,000, 5,200, 6,000, 7,800 and 9,000 mAh .

The smallest have only one outlet, designed for mobile. But all models from 5200 mAh allow simultaneous charging two devices (tablet and / or smartphone).