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The Ultimate Worlds | May 25, 2018

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Samsung Galaxy S5 in the Super Test – a world exclusive in the newsroom!

Samsung Galaxy S5 in the Super Test – a world exclusive in the newsroom!
Zayed Ibn Fazal

This is first editorial about the Samsung Galaxy S5 act as a test device. Exclusive live images and test impressions , there’s only here ! It’s here! World exclusive , it is the THE ULTIMATE WORLDS editorial managed to get hold of a pre-production model of the Galaxy S5. The editors and reviewers have jumped straight to the new top model : How does the S5 feel? Does the fingerprint scanner as good as the iPhone 5S ? How good is the camera? Is it really waterproof? If the screen is readable even in the sunshine ? And worth the change from the Galaxy S4 ? These and other questions are answered , the nine-page Super Special review in the current issue of THE ULTIMATE WORLDS – from Saturday 8 March at the kiosk ! In the photo gallery you can look over the shoulders of the editors when unpacking and initial setup .

Housing: If you put S4 and S5 is not just right next to each other, they are hardly to be distinguished from the front : a brilliant large screen, framed by a silver edge and a dark frame housing – everything from plastic. Back you can see the difference more clearly : The battery cover is coated with the S5 from a rubberized , textured surface. The grip is in the hand than its predecessor. The back is optionally available in black, white , metallic blue and gold. Who wants to exchange them against a gatefold cover – Samsung introduces variants ready with various patterns . Interim conclusion : Samsung has remained the proven plastic, it only changes nuances. Apple fans continue to turn up your nose, but can not forget one thing: Unlike the iPhone is that of the S5 battery with few handles interchangeable.

Screen and casing size:
The display has increased in size : 5.1 inch instead of five as in the S4. The S5 is but it grew just 1.5 millimeters , so stay handy. No comparison with the significant larger score 3 ( 5.7 inches). The dimensions of the S5: tip 142×72 , 5×8 , 1 mm , at a weight of 145 grams.

Display quality:
The large display provides full HD resolution and sharp Super AMOLED technology – and should clean up with a scandal of the previous Galaxy S models : The dark screen was so far in the bright sunlight barely read. This, according to Samsung , is different this time : The “Next Generation Full HD Adaptive Display” brightness, contrast and color temperature matches the particular conditions perfectly. Whether that works just as good as the Nokia Lumia 1520 remains to be seen – for lack of sunlight in the presentation hall THE ULTIMATE WORLDS could not test it .

According to Samsung , the S5 ” the best camera of all smartphones ” . The resolution has increased from 13 megapixels to 16 megapixels at S4 . Good for fast-moving subjects such as children, pets, sports : When S5, the autofocus should be 0.3 second three times as fast as its predecessor. And as a remedy for dark Backlighting Samsung has incorporated a special , self-produced chip for HDR images . As with the iPhone can be the focus of focus by tapping on the appropriate image section simply relocate .

Wireless Networks:
The Galaxy S5 gets a lot out of the WLAN ac – Standard: Thanks to two layers antennas ( 2×2) can the wireless ac – tempo potentially double , if you have a suitable router. In addition, faster LTE mobile broadband and can be combined in the “Download Boaster ” .

Introduced with the S4 app S- Health is now in version 3.0 before – and not only serves as a normal pedometer, but also as a personal trainer . If you put your finger on the flash light , determines the App pulse. How Samsung’s new Gear watches is S- Health expandable by adding apps.

The battery in the S5 is up to 20 percent longer hold than the S4 . For emergencies there is an extreme power saving mode, which reduces the features in the mobile phone on bare necessities and represents the screen with optimized gray value.

Apple has led the way , now Samsung has a fingerprint sensor . Recognition worked in the practice test quite well. Because the fingerprint sensor is installed virtually invisible in the Home button on the front side , the handling is made simple : you have to pull the finger only on the – button to set up eight times . Then Also PayPal purchases can enable fingerprint or private photos, movies , files, in private mode to hide from prying eyes.