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The Ultimate Worlds | May 21, 2018

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Medion Akoya S6214T (MD 99380 ) : Test of Notebook and Tablet Combo

Medion Akoya S6214T (MD 99380 ) : Test of Notebook and Tablet Combo
Romano Abraham

Who sits in the subway with this giant tablet, expected to draw some attention to itself : The part is an incredible 15.6 inches tall – that has a diagonal of 39.5 centimeters! In fact, the new Medion board that provide Aldi North and South on 30 April 2014 in the shelves , also not a classic Windows Tablet PC – but a standard notebook with detachable screen : So the manufacturer is trying on the somewhat paralyzed to score the notebook market . Although ” Convertibles ” has now almost every manufacturer in the offer – but hardly anyone brings models with such a monster display.

Properly practical: the holder in which infected the display of Akoya, can be attached at bottom of screen and then use it as a stand after removal . Thus, the user can quite comfortably watch movies . In laptop mode, the holder , however, all three inches from the device stands out : In order for the housing measures as much as a full-blown 17-inch laptop or A3 sheets – 28.4 x39 inches ! And the Akoya is not only bulky , but also brings a lot to the Balance: With three centimeters height and 3.3 kg weight it is a really great tone . In times of filigree Ultrabooks that appears out of date . Even those who use the device only as a tablet , you need strong arms : With 1.5 pounds, the Medion Board weighs three times as much as an iPad Air

One reason for the immense height and the lush Weight: Add the keyboard and the display stuck two separate batteries. The double came in the test consists of six hours and 42 minutes without power , the tablet alone four hours and 18 minutes – these are good values. Class: In the test the Akoya could not be heard , not annoyed with loud whirring fans. Even under full load, it also remained at the bottom of pleasantly cool.