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The Ultimate Worlds | May 25, 2018

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Saturn Deals: The new brochure online price comparison

Staff Reporter

Saturn has published a new brochure . Offers valid online and in the local market . The comparison shows whether bargains are there. The current Saturn prospectus shall be valid until April 26 and includes, among other things, television, cameras and Apple hardware . Online Shoppers order almost all the products on the Saturn website . Then drop in shipping costs between € 1.99 for a DVD and 34,90 euros for large devices – unless you pick up your order in store. If the devices are cheaper than the competition ? This shows the price check of Ultimate Worlds .

Especially for TV junkies provides the current Saturn – brochure lot . So Saturn requires the purchase of the Grundig TV 40VLE545BG around 60 euros less than the competition from the Internet. Whopping 150 euros are to save on the acquisition of 3D TVs from Sony ( KDL- 46W905A ) . Are you willing to spend more money on your new TV, then you save the Samsung UE55HU7590 proud 300 Euro : ” Only ” 2,799 euros Saturn demands for the 55 -inch TV.

That’s cheaper elsewhere

Many offers of Saturn prospectus is available online but cheaper : The biggest savings potential offers the Samsung NX30 Kit 18-55 mm. While Saturn calling 829 euros for the camera system , you get the device at the online competition from 750 euros – so it saves you almost 80 euros . Around 50 Euro less pay when buying online Android smartphone Samsung Galaxy S4. Even camera fans save: The zoom lens Sigma 18 -250mm f3.5 – 6.3 DC Macro OS HSM is the competition about 50 euros cheaper. But Apple fans relieve your wallet when you slam on the internet competition : For example, the MacBook Air , the iMac and the iPad mini are the electronics giant around 40 to 60 euros more expensive.

Instructions for price comparison

In the overview you will find the current Saturn – offers, to the internet price on April 22, and today’s online prices (if provided below left). If the daily price at the level of the Saturn range and well below the value of 22 April , the Internet trading has probably lowered the price only in the short term . If the action of the electronics market ended, often the online prices rise again.

Conclusion of Ultimate Worlds price comparison

The bulk of the Saturn offers from the prospectus cost in the competition on the Internet similar to much or are more favorable – the latest when Amazon tighten & Co.: The online stores adjust their prices often within a few hours after the publication of the prospectus. But : When loading purchase you will receive your product immediately and save the shipping costs , which are usually at seven euros ; if you order a large equipment or pay by cash on delivery, the costs are even higher.

Warning: trouble due to low inventory levels ?

In the past, some customers had to go with home empty-handed because the articles were already sold out . Who wants to be on the safe side , before calling at the market and ask for availability. The phone numbers found on the Saturn website . Or you can order your desired product online and pick it up at the store – saving the shipping costs.

Availability and duration of action of the Saturn offers

If a product is sold out prematurely, it is the market leader, if he allows re-orders for the advertised price. Ask yourself if you are faced with empty shelves action to a seller after.