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The Ultimate Worlds | May 25, 2018

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime: Rumors about Premium version of the S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime: Rumors about Premium version of the S5
Staff Reporter

Maybe Samsung is working on a luxury version of the Galaxy S5. The device appeared recently on under the name SM- G906S , now there are the first photos .

Update (25 April 2014) : Galaxy F surfaced in India

Even though Samsung denies the existence of a premium version of the Galaxy S 5, the current rumors about such a model does not stop . Having already found their way to the public, technical details , benchmark results and even photos of the supposed Android – cars , the smartphone already making news again . Now the device has surfaced in an Indian import and export database . Thus went the middle of April an unspecified number of Samsung smartphones with the model name “SM – G906K KOR ” from South Korea to Banglore . The fact that the manufacturer in the Indian city of its largest research center away from the headquarters maintains and charge with the words ” FOR R & D PURPOSE ” ( ” research and development ” ) is declared , leads to the assumption that there are around test equipment is .

Exynos 5430

But that’s not enough. Even with SamMobile wants to have brought more details in experience. According to the report Samsung uses the new Exynos 5430th The processor it should be a further development of the Exynos 5422 , installed the Samsung Galaxy S5 in some markets . Higher clock speeds and improved display control to make the chip for the 2K display fit . For the first time should come for processing ultra – high resolution video for use a hardware decoder. In order for the new Samsung processor is one of the first mobile chip , the videos in the future standard format would convert H.265 hardware side . In addition, a co-processor with the label ” Seiren ” installed , the report said . The access to the main processor in the processing of audio signals under the arms .

Current and Intel inside

Thanks to modern production in the narrow 20 – nanometer process , the new chip is supposed to consume significantly less power , which saves power outlets and nerves of the owner . A real surprise , however, is that Samsung in the international model a LTE radio chip from Intel (300 megabits per second – XMM7260 Category 6 ) wants to block . The U.S. semiconductor manufacturer is top on the PC market , bake in the mobile devices Intel but so far very little buns. Should Samsung actually give Intel against Qualcomm preference , that would be a great success for the manufacturer. Until about it but there is certainty in the form of an official announcement of the device , nor is likely to be some time : If the reports are to be provided with a presentation of the Galaxy S5 Prime earlier than in the third quarter of 2014 .

Original message (8 April 2014)

A Twitter user has published two images of an unknown Samsung smartphones. He does not reveal to what device it is, however, speaks of a 2K display. A screen with this resolution fits on the rumors about the Galaxy R , the Premium version of the S5 . Faryaab Sheikh , editor of SamMobile , confirms the conjecture: “It is an early S5 prototype ,” he wrote on Twitter.

Is the Samsung SM- G906S the premium S5 ?

On a benchmark page technical details of a Samsung smartphone have surfaced . The device called SM- G906S exceeds the specifications of the current flagship , the Galaxy S5 , by far. For example, from a WQHD resolution is talk – so 2560×1440 pixels. Furthermore, the device should be equipped with three gigabytes of RAM and a 15 megapixel camera . Also, the processor and the Adreno 420 GPU, Qualcomm surpass the performance of the Galaxy S5.

In particular, the model name indicates that it is a new version of the S5: The name of the emerged model is SM- G906S – the Galaxy S5 is called SM- G900 . Speaking against that company president J. K. Shin the premium S5 already issued a denial . However, there a device with the listed facilities , Samsung moves to strong guns . Whether it is a new model or a deluxe version of the S5 , is of secondary importance .

Problems with 2K display

One of the most exciting rumors on Galaxy S5 was about a premium version of the smartphone. According the device should come out in parallel or shortly after the launch of the S5. According to various reports problems in the production of high-resolution 2K displays have messed up the ambitious schedule. Next wants to have brought in experience that Samsung developed the prototype of the Galaxy R in Europe and can produce in Vietnam. Moreover, benchmark results for two new Samsung models with the identifier ” SM- G900F ” and ” SM- G900S ” surfaced . The latter scored with a sharp display resolution of 2560×1440 pixels.