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The Ultimate Worlds | May 21, 2018

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Apple iPhone 6 or iPhone Air: curvy screen and aluminum back expected

Apple iPhone 6 or iPhone Air: curvy screen and aluminum back expected
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The next -generation iPhone turns tough competition from the Android camp; because Apple needs to let ‘ll think of something special. Sets the Apple iPhone 6 on a curved display?

Border-less display, larger screen , better camera : The expectations for the upcoming iPhone 6 are used to huge. With the Samsung Galaxy S 5, the competition has submitted , Apple is under pressure . But what really comes ? While on Weibo first images have surfaced from a factory , Reuters reports that there will be delays in major iPhone model . The smaller model will go into production in May. Ultimate Worlds rummages through the guesswork and info appetizers and shows what to expect .

The iPhone 6

One thing is certain : the screen is the users by far the most important Рand the iPhone 5S is compared to smartphones like the Sony Xperia Z2 downright tiny . When Apple introduced in 2012 the current screen size of four inches , you defended the decision with a better usability. Just be consistent would be the development of different models Рone in the usual compact format , one with a larger screen. Here Comes possibly a large scale extra- hard sapphire crystal to use to finally prevent screen cracks? The Ultimate Worlds has scoured all the rumors , analyzed and evaluated in the network. The following gallery corresponds to the wishes of the editors for the next -generation iPhone .

Upcoming iPhone 6 Design

The biggest question before the release of a new iPhone : Is that changing design? There are strong indications . Much like Apple did it with the iPad , experts expect a much lighter, thinner device – the iPhone Air, a new LED lighting and about the increase in screen size would allow . Apple would have space to flat and large area to arrange the components.

Performance and camera feature

In terms of hardware , Apple was reliably consistently in the past. Each new generation iPhone was faster than its predecessor. For the iPhone 6 experts expect the launch of the Apple A8 processor, which is smaller and faster thanks to 20 – nanometer process and at the same time to work more efficiently. For the graphics performance , Apple has recently extended the contract with Imagination Technologies , so it can be assumed that even in the iPhone 6 back sits a PowerVR chip. In the camera, the rumors vary widely . In the race for the most mega pixels Apple does not traditionally part – so it would be no wonder if the iPhone only eight megapixels are still to be found. Regarding sensor , flash and lens , experts expect significantly better components and a further increase in image quality.

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